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Residential Assisted Living Academy Review (RAL)


Residential Assisted Living (RAL) Academy offers a lucrative business that enables single home properties to generate more income than 50-unit apartment buildings. It’s not your typical real estate endeavor, though. It’s way more than that as you’re turning a real estate place into a safe haven for the elderly. Simply put, making money from assisted living as the program’s name implies. Still, I just can’t get my head around with the income claim. Is this even possible? Scroll below to know more.

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Before anything else, I would like to let you know to not bother with the physical copy of How To Start A Residential Assisted Living Business Blueprint book. Why pay $6.95 for the shipping fee when you can get a digital eBook copy for free? Just sign up on RAL’s free webinar on their site and you’ll get a link to download it in your inbox. Trust me, it’s not a virus nor a link to get you rickrolled. Been there, done that.

Speaking of the free webinar, I signed up myself and watched as Gene Guarino, RAL’s front man, explained the opportunity to earn a lot with assisted living. He gets the ball rolling by saying that there’s a crisis in terms of current solutions with senior housing. 

Sure, there’s the big guys like Sunrise Senior Living that provide “big box” nursing homes for the elderly. Not everybody’s grandma or grandpa would like that, though. Gene knows it for sure as his own mother, who cracked a couple of ribs in an accident during her twilight years, is not up for that. She’s barely able to take care of herself alone, either.

There needs to be a middle ground, Gene continues. Assisted living residence, he says, is perfect for such. And it’s not all about doing God’s work of helping seniors to have a safe retirement home to live in. It’s a money-making machine as well. Better yet, it doesn’t require you to trade your precious hours for dollars too. A few hours of easy-peasy management work will suffice. “Doing good and doing well” as Gene calls it.

Anyway, the money-making aspect of it will only get better, says Gene. The demand for such residence will only get higher on the onset of the unstoppable “Silver Tsunami of Seniors.” And no, it’s not about a literal humongous wave of senior citizens. That would be terrifying, NGL. Instead, it refers to the baby boomer’s generation entering the typical age of assisted living residents.

Compared to the current demography of assisted living residents, you can see the surge in population in the baby boomer’s era. I’m talking about 29 million more. And that means more potential residents for assisted living. In a conservative estimate, Gene asserts that you can comfortably earn a clean $10k a month for having ten of those seniors, out of many millions, in a single-family home.

And the rest of the webinar is more talks on how you can start your very own assisted living residence via attending the three-day live event. In the said event, they’ll share the “One and Done” formula to know what property to choose, how to furnish the home to make it safe for the elderly, where to find caregivers, yada yada. Simply put, everything you need to know from A to Z.

Residential Assisted Living Academy Review

Gene also recommends the live opportunity, whether it’s the in-person or virtual one, over their home study online course. It’s for a better experience, he says. Guess he can’t be blunt and say that attending the live event means more money to him and RAL. Well, about that… It’s not funneled to him anymore as he passed away last year due to COVID-19 complications. RIP. It didn’t occur to me immediately that I’m watching a dead man’s webinar. I mean, his face is still plastered all over RAL’s site.

And yeah, the live event is more expensive than the home study course. Specifically, the cheaper home study online course cost $1,497. Meanwhile, the three-day live event cost $2,997. There’s an upsell immediately too on the live event’s checkout page. I’ll let it pass because it’s somehow funny. Like, “add a thousand bucks on top of $2,997 to bring in your spouse” type of funny. Still, it’s not a recommended buy for me.

So, what’s my verdict here? I don’t think it’s a scam, but it’s something I’m not totally inclined to recommend. Too pricey in terms of training and capital requirement, IMO. Personally, I won’t give RAL a single dime until they clear the allegations on a lawsuit involving them. Here, RAL is accused of not properly compensating Gene’s family despite continuously using his materials (and they do). Like c’mon, have some respect for the man and his family. Or maybe, update the materials and build a reputation on your own. 

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