AstroFlipping Review (Jamil Damji)

Jamil Damji

Jamil Damji mentions that the goal of his AstroFlipping program is to “create a streamlined wholesaling business that flips non-stop.” He also goes on to say that the program’s name is inspired by Astronauts in space. They can’t stop flipping, apparently. To be honest, I don’t get the reference since the idea of an object perpetually flipping or spinning like a fidget spinner in space doesn’t cross my mind until writing this review. Regardless of its name, you’re probably wondering if this business is legit. Scroll below to see what’s up with AstroFlipping.

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I like the vibes I get from Jamil, reminds me of a town drunk uncle but funny and caring. I’m not alone in this sentiment as a lot of his students almost never fail to mention how nice and funny he is. He’s also usually seen bonding with other real estate investors and mentors such as Pace Morby.

That’s a plus point on credibility for me since being included in a network of experts requires you to be very good at what you’re doing to be peer accepted. Much better than those loners without connections in the same industry unless the network you belong is mafia of scammers or something. But still, the point remains that you usually must be good yourself to be accepted in a group of experts.

Moving on to Jamil’s course, it’s related to wholesaling in real estate. Basically, wholesaling but you are advised to sell multiple properties to a lone investor instead of many. It’s not a property turning into several deals, what it really emphasizes is fostering a good relationship with a single investor that you do multiple deals with.

The two courses that covers all the topics relevant to AstroFlipping in Astro Accelerator and Astro Accelerator Executive is almost the same except for the latter having a done for you service and more live coaching calls. I like how comprehensive the courses are, but I’m not inclined to recommend them because of their steep cost that is believed to be around $5,800 to $7,500.

The advice of doing multiple deals with only a lone individual is something I’m also not comfortable following. I think you should be wary of this advice too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t ignore the advantages of working with a familiar person, the definition of staying in your comfort zone. Transaction is probably smooth as butter since you already know each other well.  However, I also can’t deny the disadvantages that comes from this setup.

AstroFlipping Review

One is that it limits your perspective. What if there’s a better deal from another person? But since you’re advised to stick to one, you’ll probably won’t explore the other options that could turn out to be better. Basically, it breeds complacency.  Such mindset is not necessarily bad, but I rather be a person that always strive for the best. Someone that exhaust all the possible choices and not settling for less.

Second disadvantage of following this advice is the lack of diversification. Diversifying and spreading your deals among multiple entities lessens the chance of taking a massive L. Basically, a safety net that prevents a scenario where a blunder of a single client will lead to a colossal failure on your part. As the saying goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

What’s my conclusion then? First of all, I would like to say that Jamil and his AstroFlipping program is not a scam. In fact, the course material is commendable for being quite extensive. Does this mean that I’ll recommend his program? Not really. If you’re eager to get your hands on a real estate biz and you have a lot of money, as in seven figures worth of money, that you are willing to spend on a rather expensive course and business, then you can sign up for one of Jamil’s courses.

For those with money that is closer to only buying a land from a plant pot rather than an actual real estate property and/or not necessarily inclined to do real estate, then better skip Jamil’s AstroFlipping. To be honest, there’s a lot of option besides real estate investment that can also give you a steady income without the need of huge capital investment to start.

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