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Jared Erni is the founder of Attract to Scale, a company that aims to help local business owners attract their ideal clients without the headaches, expense, and overwhelm of paid ads that generate little ROI or hiring agencies that continually over-promise and underdeliver. He says that in order to achieve that, the key is just a simple shift in how you position your business online. Fortunately, you don’t even have to be a tech wiz or have marketing experience to be able to do this. He also says that this method is something that is greatly beneficial, especially for smaller businesses.

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Jared’s marketing experience has spanned a total of 15 years. During that time, he has thousands of small business owners upscale their marketing, by uncovering a so-called attraction framework that positions you as an expert in your community, this results in a constant flux of customers coming to you and your business. He’s also the founder of a known marketing company called Huge Ad TV, which specializes in setting up digital billboards for various businesses in order to boost their marketing.

In his YouTube advertisement, Jared explains more about his program. “So in order to attract your dream customers, you have to go where they’re spending their time; and today, that’s online. We live in a digital world. But what most people do is they spend a lot of money to pay a designer to build them an awesome website. And then they think that because this website is now online, people are going to start naturally finding them.” But he explains that that’s where the problem lies.

If you set up your business website, obviously you’re going to need to direct web traffic to it. After all, what’s the use of a good product website if no one’s going to see it. So what steps are you going to take? Hire someone to do search engine optimization, run pay-per-click ads, do social media marketing, etc. Maybe you start writing blog posts regularly. You can even try various paid ads, such as Google, Facebook, etc. Even do email marketing. There are plenty of options. But even after doing all of this, you’re still not getting any converted leads. The message may get across to your audience, but there’s no improvement. So what’s the actual problem?

The thing is, it’s the problem with your sales funnel. And as you very well know, the quality of your sales funnel website can really make a difference in turning your visitors into buyers. As Jared explains it, “So if you look at a traditional website, you see a logo at the top, it’s nicely designed, there’s a menu with a whole bunch of links in it, and then you scroll down and there’s links to a whole bunch of other pages. Problem is, before I even scroll down on this website, I already have twenty different clickable links.”

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Basically, a typical website will contain several links, and each link will direct you to a different page that contains different information, usually related to your business. It’s only beneficial if your website only exists to inform visitors with knowledge about your offer. But remember that what you’re going after here is a sale. You will want to have the visitor click on the link that lets them buy your offer as soon as they get there. But that’s the problem with traditional websites. You can’t control the click. You’re giving them way too many options and now they’re straying from the thing that you want them to do.

This is why having a sales funnel website is a lot more effective at marketing your offers. In a sales funnel, all the info about your offer is already presented on a single webpage. And you basically remove all the options that aim to navigate your visitors on a different page, and you give people only one thing to do: Enter their email or call the number or whatever it is. Sales funnels are designed to generate leads and sales, and that’s it. They allow you to capture people’s information and follow up with them. This is why a properly designed sales funnel will earn five hundred and forty percent more revenue than an old school website

And that’s exactly what small businesses need. Which is why Jared’s marketing framework, which he calls “Attraction Stacking”, is primarily aimed at local brick & mortar or local service-based businesses. But in theory, it can be applied to any kind of business as long as you can use online marketing for it. To find out more about Jared’s Attract To Scale program, you can book a consultation call with Jared’s team. There’s no mention of how much it cost. It seems that Jared is a trustworthy individual, though. There’s no bad feedback about him so far, so it’s safe to say he’s someone who knows his stuff.

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