Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Review (Mikkelsen Twins)

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Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen, also known as the Mikkelsen Twins, claims that they know the best way to earn money on Amazon right as. As Christian states in their YouTube advertisement, “The best way to make money with Amazon [in 2022] is not by selling physical products on Amazon like everyone thinks. Now I’m not saying that doesn’t work, but, I and my twin brother Rasmus have found a way to use Amazon that’s way way way more successful and way more effective for anyone who tries it.” It may have worked for them, but will it also work for you? Read on for my review.

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Christian Mikkelsen further continues his dialogue about this program. “So you can do this with no upfront cost at all, and with barely investing any of your time because what we do is we follow a four-step done-for-you process that is repeatable by anyone. So this is the way to get started making money with Amazon without investing much time, without investing much money, and without needing any tech skills or experience or anything of that kind.”

If you’re interested in finding out about their training program, they even invite you to their so-called “free training” so you can see what are they talking about. Inside, Christian promises that they’ll reveal the shortest path to making $5,000 per month from scratch. According to his words, It’s shockingly simple and obvious, and there’s very little to no hard work required to do it. True to its name, the business idea behind Audiobook Income Academy is that you’re going to create audiobooks and sell them on Amazon, specifically, Amazon Kindle.

Now you may be wondering that maybe this may need some skill and knowledge to be able to succeed in this business model. But the Mikkelsen Twins say that you don’t need it. In fact, you don’t even need to have any experience in writing books or anything to earn money from this program. The idea is that you’re going to outsource this business, by hiring others who can do the writing and audio recording for you. The Audiobook Income Academy training course even provides a list of people you can hire for this purpose. This also means that you can turn this business model into something that gives you a passive stream of income, so that you’ll have more free time to do the other things that you want.

Christian further claims that you won’t even experience any saturation with this industry. He claims that it’s exploding right now, because a lot of people nowadays prefer audiobooks as opposed to others like ebooks or physical books. As Audible’s tagline goes, “Listening is the new reading.” This, they believe, makes audiobook publishing one of, if not the, best way to make money online today, especially in this pandemic period.

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The Audiobook Income Academy contains a variety of training materials that aim to teach you all about Amazon Kindle publishing. What you can expect here are the usual inclusions that you can get from an online training course. Like several training videos that have a timeframe of several weeks, access to a private Facebook group, scripts and templates, plus group coaching. The training materials contained here cover a variety of subjects about self-publishing, which include what niche you should write about, how to outsource your work by finding ghostwriters to do the job for you, and others.

It also teaches you various subjects like how to promote your books using various ads, and how you can boost your sales by bundling two or more books. Lastly, despite its name, the Audiobook Income Academy isn’t limited to just audiobooks. The concepts and training provided here can also be used for publishing other types of books on Amazon. This includes ebooks, physical books, etc. Makes sense as they did start their digital entrepreneurship career by selling books.

It costs around $1,497 to enroll in the Audiobook Income Academy. There’s also a refund policy in place in case you’re not satisfied with the course. To qualify for it, you must first satisfy the following conditions:

  • You have to complete all the video lessons featured here.
  • You have to attend a total of two 1-on-1 coaching call sessions.
  • Publish 1 audiobook first and have it live on Audible.

If you’re done all this, and you still haven’t earned a total of $5,000 on audiobook sales within 180 days, then they’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price.

Personally, however, I wouldn’t really recommend this business model unless you’re passionate about writing your book or so. Despite what they claim here, self-publishing your books actually takes a lot of hard work, especially since you can’t rely on a publishing company for everything that you need. Besides, I doubt that the Mikkelsen Twins actually made millions in self-publishing. Who knows? They may have gotten their wealth by selling this online course…

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