Into Profits Review (Daniel Audunsson)

Daniel Audunsson

Daniel Audunsson claims to know the secret of growing your Amazon biz quickly and predictably. Stop wasting your time and effort, says him, because now is the best time to start shifting your focus on using two simple systems. What is it, then? Is the results from his Into Profits program really comparable to upgrading your business to a F1 car on a racetrack just as he claims? Continue reading my Into Profits review below for answers.

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To open things up, let’s start with the technical, probably boring, deets first, um-kay? From the program’s website, Into Profits is a program made for professional private label sellers on Amazon. Streamline the foundations, focus more on the money-making tasks, deliver efficiency through data analysis, and optimize over time. That’s their formula on winning in the Amazon FBA space. Growing faster by doing less like he says.

Not gonna lie, the science-y stuff I mentioned above sounds like BS coming from Daniel. It’s like he picked some smart-sounding terms and buzzwords randomly and wrote it without any thoughts whether his program can deliver on it or not. Call me a skeptic, but you don’t simply drop words like streamline, efficiency, data analysis, and optimize without explaining it, or, at least, giving an overview, right away.

Anyway, I can’t see the “two simple systems” that we’re looking after on the homepage. Normally, you’ll be giving ‘em your contact info just to watch the case study where the said systems is likely mentioned.  Not anymore now because you have me volunteering as a tribute to sift through the bull. ‘Xcuse me while I put my Hazmat suit on…

So, what’s the “two simple systems” in Into Profits, then? Quite surprisingly, it’s something about what I already mentioned earlier, the doing less bit. Specifically, he relates it to not overwhelming yourself with too many tasks. Instead of doing a thing that simulates a pressure cooker without moving the needle that much, why not implement the 80-20 rule?

“Know the 20% that delivers 80% of the results,” says him. This rule is nothing out of the ordinary BTW, but the 20% he’s referring to here might be. Turns out, it’s also not. The 20% aka the two simple systems are actually products and sales. That’s essentially it.

For products, the thing that’s worth putting effort into are product selection and the supply chain. Don’t be intimidated by the latter, this is simply sourcing out suppliers. On the other hand, the sales part mentions Amazon PPC and Amazon SEO as the bits you should focus on. Again, the latter, Amazon SEO, is just a fancy way to say product listing.

After dropping ‘em tasks, he continues by saying that the tasks are not simple as it looks. Yeah, maybe they are, but just like the 80-20 rule, this is not new knowledge at all. Myself alone, you’ll see me preaching about the importance of product selection in an Amazon FBA biz. Sure, thanks for actually naming a task, but I don’t think it’s enough material for a passable pitch. Like seriously, I would easily say “no, thank you” to his invitation of a one-on-one 45-minute call with this weak as f*ck pull.

Into Profits Review

Oh well, why am I expecting something better anyway. I know damn well that most of these Amazon FBA truthers are bound to bring disappointment and nothing else. Just like the business model itself, issa huge letdown indeed. Not that I expect Daniel to give some really valuable sh*t for free, I’m just looking forward to hearing something I don’t know myself.

That being said, I really cannot say how he’ll transform someone’s Amazon FBA biz into something that’s good as a speedy F1 car. The more apt comparison would be him attending a race with it one time, then claiming he’s just as good as Lewis Hamilton moments later. Like what the actual f*ck, right?

If I had to choose between trying to figure out things on your own or receiving advice from someone that already has figured it out (aka signing up for one of his Into Profits with prices around $7k and up probably), I’ll take the former. He’s not even giving us any reason to believe he has already figured it out. Besides the flop pitch, he’s not showing his winning stores if there’s any. I’ll pass.

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