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Marc Aurel is a guy whom you can consider as someone with high value. A guy who is full of confidence and refinement in himself, that whenever he wants something done, he is sure to get it. He claims to have this certain charisma wherein whenever he talks or walks into a room, everyone will listen. But more important, he claims that he can impart to you some of the knowledge that he knows in order to turn you into the best guy that you can be. Will it also work for you? Let’s find out in my Marc Aurel review.

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As with any life coaches/gurus you may encounter, Marc would tell you that his life before was pretty much average. All throughout his life, he was raised by a single mom, and they would have constant financial struggles. But that didn’t stop him from aspiring to better his life and build it into something extraordinary. And he did exactly that, but he never could’ve done it without investing in mentors and coaches. Yes. On the surface, his life story is something that you may have heard countless times from different gurus of any category. Maybe with a few exceptions, but certainly most of them.

Marc then mentions this pitch in his YouTube advertisement, “And I want to help you now to achieve what I have achieved, or whatever your personal goals are. And I don’t care if that’s building your own business or getting a high-paying job, getting promoted faster, becoming more confident, becoming more attractive to girls, social skills, sales skills. I don’t care because in all those areas I was bad and became good through the help of mentors.” Yeah, like he’s saying “I want to help you, but pay me first,” a common vibe that I feel from these pitches.

Anyways, so what exactly is his offer? An interactive mentoring course where Marc and his team of “superstar” entrepreneurs, psychologists, and coaches personally guide you, day in and day out, for 8 weeks. “And with what I know now, I’m very confident that I can help you to achieve your life goals even faster than I achieved mine,” he adds. And according to the homepage, his offer will help you reach the highest levels of self-discipline and confidence, become a social magnet and attract the people you want in your life. manage your time, set clear goals and prioritize, sell yourself and your service/product/ideas on the highest level, get a high-paying job, get promoted or start your own business, and finally, overcome your insecurities and fears.

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The stated goals of Marc Aurel strongly imply that anyone who wishes to improve his quality of life is eligible for the program. Whether you’re an employee working at a 9-5 job, a wealthy business owner, or even a bum (especially when you’re a bum). But even Marc agrees that all of this is too good to be true. That’s why you can try out his services “for free” to see if it’s something you really want to do. You can do this by scheduling a complimentary Marc Aurel Consulting call. You’ll speak directly with Marc or someone on his team (most likely it’s from his team, though) about your insecurities, problems, plateaus, and whatever else you want to talk about. Of course, after that consulting session, you’ll be convinced to take your credit card and sign up for his paid programs.

As for the cost of Marc’s actual mentoring course? Sadly, no information couldn’t be found anywhere, even on it’s webpage. Most likely that it’s only going to be revealed for you if you take their consulting call. According to some Trustpilot reviews, however, they say that this costs “a lot”, but no mention of the actual value. So it can be assumed that it costs more than a thousand dollars, at the very least. But is the price worth it? Most of the people who took the course consider it as a “leap of faith”, yet they were glad that they did. But I’m still quite skeptical of the claims.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I do think 8 weeks of being under a self-development course isn’t going to be enough to turn you into, as Marc claims it, a “male model with millions in the bank and hotties beating down your door.” And I don’t think there’s a “one-size-fits-all” program that’s going to solve most, if not all, of the problems of men when it comes to self-development, since those problems are extremely varied. It would be preferable if men should seek a mentor first that tackles a singular problem they want to adress first, and once they mastered it, they move on to adress another problem with a different mentor. But as previously mentioned, Marc has some credible success stories, so it might be worth to take a look. The price can be off-putting for most, however.

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