Authority Accelerator Review (Sunny Lenarduzzi)

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny Lenarduzzi, who I found on YouTube from her positive reaffirmation videos, is offering the Authority Accelerator course. To give us a glimpse of what this course is all about, Sunny posted the tagline of it: “Elevate your impact, income, and audience on autopilot.” Get it? Me neither. Turns out, it’s a course that’ll teach you how to create and sell another course. More information about this in my Authority Accelerator review below.

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Not gonna lie, I thought Sunny, with her name and “let’s manifest success” vibes, would be selling either some MLM or mind wanking courses. She’s not selling those, not even fiddling with, ehem, real wanking stuff as suggested by a rather sl*tty name. But it doesn’t stop her from adapting the usual selling (but toxic) point of the said business models (minus the real wanking). Her sales script used in encouraging a sale of Authority Accelerator, the exact script she’ll share once you’re on the other side of the course, has a hint of a “girl boss” and “boss babe” for sure. Playing with emotions like it’s a toy or something too.

Even on her sales pitch, she’s throwing some random object into the mix and relating it to the biz somehow. Very similar to scummy MLMs that dissect a word to pull out some weird ass acronym. I’m not saying that Sunny is automatically scummy, I just don’t appreciate her methods. In particular, she compared her system to a freakin’ flywheel, and obviously, coined it as the flywheel system. Bet a lot of ya will agree with me that associating Sunny with some machine and car parts won’t easily cross anyone’s mind, so the use of flywheel here is really random. Goodness gracious.

What’s a flywheel system, anyway? Simply put, it all boils down to these: Create a course that scratches the itch of a profitable niche, create a YouTube channel to drive traffic and encourage sales, and ask your students to spread the good (or is it?) news to everyone they know – their family, friends, neighbors, you name it all. And that’s just an overview of the system, you’ll only get the full deets once you sign up for Authority Accelerator.

When I say you get the full deets, I mean you’re getting access to a four-phase online curriculum, weekly live consulting Q and A calls with Sunny, and an exclusive mastermind group with your coursemates. All of that in Authority Accelerator at what price, then? Well, Authority Accelerator typically costs around $6,000, but there are reports of variability. Some have reported only paying $5,000 due to a special pandemic discount, but others got quoted a steeper price at $7,000 just because they balked at paying, and rightfully so, earlier.

Authority Accelerator Review

First off, what’s with her ever changing pricing? Is thinking things through really warrants an additional thousand bucks on top of an already expensive price? I think not, and it’s just terrible to pressure prospective buyers to impulsively buy your course. Like girl, they’re not buying a thirteen dollar “Best Farter Father Ever” mug, but an expensive AF course of yours. And yes, I find the price, even the discounted one, too much for what I’m willing to spend here. Overall, I see this plus the pressure cooker of a sales call as a red flag because it essentially screams “buy my course ASAP before you realize how overpriced it is and notice all the bad things.”

I know it’s not that bad like MLM, but I’m not particularly thrilled with courses that teach how to sell courses either. As usual, courses like this, including Authority Accelerator, guarantees that all you need is their course in order to sell another course. That’s not the case and you can’t just simply “scale” your expertise by bringing it online. 

Sure, there are students that taste success with this course, most notably Quazi Johir because I’ve reviewed him before, but they’re not typical. What’s typical is feeling burned out with all the complications of creating a course and knowing damn well that your time, effort, and money on trying to do such are all wasted. In short, the strat that’s usually behind every “course selling course” is not for everyone. And usually not for the average Joes and Janes, but only for those gifted with charisma and marketing chops. With that, I don’t recommend Sunny’s Authority Accelerator.

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