AirBNB Automated Courses Review (Sean Rakidzich)

Sean Rakidzich

Sean Rakidzich is known for providing high-quality Airbnb contents on his Airbnb Automated YouTube Channel. It is his way to market his premium programs he called collectively as Million Dollar Renter that discusses how to make millions on Airbnb without owning a property or credit. “Don’t sleep on success, double down,” Sean said about not passing up this million dollar opportunity in Airbnb. Is it possible to earn a million with Airbnb through rental arbitrage? Read this Airbnb Automated Courses review to learn more about Sean and his programs.

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Airbnb Automated is a YouTube channel created by Sean that regularly posts free webinars regarding pricing strategy, maximizing occupancy, design ideas, and property management advice in Airbnb. Basically, it promotes the use of rental arbitrage which requires you to secure a long-term rental (LTR) on a property, then sublease it on Airbnb in a short-term basis. For more in-depth content and training, you will be redirected to Million Dollar Renter which hosts the premium courses of Sean.

The “all you need to know is here” course on property acquisition posted in Million Dollar Renter is titled The Airbnb Closer crash course. The core training in the form of video lectures are titled as follows: Intro to Course, Script Intro, Market Research, Where to Find Properties, Forget AirDNA You Need This Free Market Research Airbnb Host Growth Hacking, What You Need Before You Start, Do I Need A Website, Script for Single Family Properties, Script for Multi Family Property (Apartments), How to Negotiate Deals in Person – Beginner to Expert in 27 minutes, 5 Ways to Rent An Apartment Even If You Have A Bad Credit or Have an Eviction on Your Record. 5- hour Closers Crash Course Workshop recording, and What is Cracking Superhost (spoiler alert, this is another course of Sean). All of this plus a free e-boom and 30-minute one-on-one call with Sean cost $1,200.

The cost of the mentioned course alone is already expensive with the price higher than similar courses on Airbnb such as Noelle Randall’s BNB Riches. It is also not very extensive with a lot of only 5–16 minutes videos. This is also with a undesirable refund policy wherein you can only get your money back if you file your refund request within 14 days of purchase AND you viewed less than 20% of the course. It is also indicated that a video lecture will count on your completion percentage the moment you open it. You could have mis click it without watching but it will still count to your so-called “completion.” Ultimately, 20% is not enough to judge whether a course is for you or not fairly.

AirBNB Automated Courses Review

Worst, the Closer Crash course is not enough to run a rental arbitrage biz which is why there is a pitch of Sean’s other course included. This is to lead you on to purchasing them for the complete experience. The other necessary courses titled Cracking Superhosts, Pricing Masterclass, and The Upsell Course cost $3,000, $525, and $425 respectively.

It is also important to note that rental arbitrage is not suitable for everyone. It is a business with a huge risk of operating at a loss. On a very seasonal endeavor like Airbnb rentals, your LTR will continue to cost you rent regardless of your ability to sublet it or not. To add, there are instances that you cannot do rental arbitrage at all due to legal concerns. In UK alone, the frequency of having a legislation that bans subleasing is very high and usually a ground for eviction. The said bans are also getting popular in the US. There are also instances where subletting laws are very strict like in New York where it is illegal to rent out a property for less than 30 days if you are not a resident there. Ultimately, it is also hard to find landlords who will agree to said setup.

In conclusion, Sean Rakidzich is not a scam. However, I do not necessarily agree to his statements that you can earn a million through his proposed biz. Well, you can but the probability for such feat to be done in a timely manner is very low. If you want to learn more about rental arbitrage, I suggest checking out his Airbnb Automated YouTube channel first before paying for a premium. Otherwise, skip his programs altogether and find a better business model that can easily suit your needs.

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