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Joseph Carter is an ecom multimillionaire, having found success running ecom stores on various platforms. He has been helping people make money in the ecom space since 2015, mostly on Amazon, then he branched off to other platforms. And as his business grew, some people started inquiring him on how he does it. This serves as an inspiration for him to create programs that basically “automate” ecom businesses on Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, even on Target. How does this “automation” thing work? Is it even worth the cost for your ecom business? Reading this Automation Pays review may help you decide for yourself.

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“Since 2015 I’ve been helping people make money in the e-commerce space, starting out with Amazon,” Joseph says as lays down the foundation for the Automation Pays program. “Prior to that I was in the military for six years, but when I got out I really wanted to figure out how to make money online without having to work a job. So around 2015 I got started on Amazon, started making a good amount of money. And then eventually people started inquiring about how I was doing so.”

Joseph initially offered ecom training and coaching services to the people who seek his help. But some of his clients later found out that they weren’t able to effectively implement the methods Joseph taught them. Mainly because they’re very busy with their families and their work schedules and possibly other businesses. So so eventually a few of his clients instead asked Joseph to essentially do all the work for them. This was about 2017, 2018.

And this became the start of what would eventually be the Automation Pays program. Basically, you, as the client, will hire Joseph and his team their build their Amazon stores for you. They would take care of setting up the online store, the products you intend to sell (based on a niche provided by you), and even take care of promoting and driving traffic to your store. Aside from the payment, the only thing you need to do is to provide them a source of credit line so that the Automation Pays team can purchase the items that you’re going to sell at a wholesale price. Of course, by the time it’s listed on your store, it’s going to be listed with the retail price. At first, their automation services only cover the Amazon selling platform. But after they’re receiving plenty of success in this business, they began to gradually expand to Walmart, Facebook Marketplace, and even Target. Aside from the sales, the Automation Pays team will also cover other concerns like customer service, questions, items returns, etc. Basically, everything that you need to manage on your online store, Automation Pays will do it for you. And you’ll continuously receive the profits from it.

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How much can you make from it? Joseph says that your profit margins could average from 28%, all the way to 42%. He proves it in the video after logging in to one of his client’s Walmart and shows how they did about nine grand in sales in just the last seven days. And in the past thirty days, that same Walmart automation client’s done roughly $35,000 in sales. Which means an average of around $12,000 profits earned more or less. It is quite promising if you ask me. But of course, there’s always a catch.

The cost for Automation Pays isn’t revealed at first, but you can expect it to be around $10,000 to $50,000 depending on several factors, which may include how the site should look like, plus maybe some other things. Plus, you also need to have as much open credit as possible, which acts as capital for purchasing the products you want to sell. Finally, they’ll also be going to have a cut of your profits, which they say can depend on your buy-in level. It might be kind of steep for some, but the automation services that this program may give you could be worth the cost. And at the very least, you could turn your Amazon selling service into a truly passive income stream. But for me, there are other, potentially better business ideas out there that can help you achieve that. And you don’t even need to hire any kind of automation service or company that can take a portion of your income to earn from it.

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