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Amz Autopilot Review

Amz Autopilot

Amz Autopilot is another name for Amz Automation, Kevin David’s DFY Amazon FBA service. As usual, he marketed this as a lucrative biz for people who want a “reliable, stable, scalable, sellable asset” better than traditional investment. Boasting his team of so-called experts too that are capable of selecting homerun products before you even start selling. Weird flex, but okay. As if choosing a (winning) product isn’t the first thing you do in starting an Amazon FBA store.

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If you’re a regular here, you’ll know that I already reviewed his Amz Automation program very recently. Heck, I’ve also done reviews about him that are not about his automation offer exclusively, not once, not twice, but thrice. Now’s the fourth time. Am I obsessed with exposing his lying ass? I’ll say not really because saying “hell yeah” would look like me just hating his guts. It’s nothing personal, it’s just me reviewing courses and programs, Kevin’s not an exception obviously, then call it as it is. 

At best, let’s just say that I can’t think of any praises suitable for Kevin’s offers. I’ll leave it like that if I were someone who doesn’t want no smoke. But nope. Give me all that, I won’t hold back. I’ll even bring a mfkin oxygen tank if I have to. So, yeah, not only I’m not praising Kevin now or the near future, I’ll also drag him for being a shameless money-grabbing mofo. He’s full of sh*t, basically.

I don’t necessarily agree with the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” when applied in real life parent-child relationships. On Kevin being an A-grade cunt, however, it does apply. He’s terrible and so are his courses and programs including Amz Autopilot. Hell, you could also switch the two, i.e. his courses are goddamn terrible and so is he, and it would still make sense. Just note that the dude is terrible beyond selling sh*tty courses and hence, why I emphasized the point of him being a bad dude selling sh*tty courses rather than the other way around.

And, so, it’s quite obvious that purchasing any of Kevin’s offers, like his Amz Autopilot that cost up to $100k, would be a disaster financial-wise. Quite frankly, I don’t see any chance of a redemption arc here. So, saying that anything with Kevin David on it is an automatic non-purchase straight up is something I can easily get away with.

Here’s the thing. The spotlight is always on Kevin, the absolute tool who blatantly copies from other gurus without giving ‘em credits. This is the same dude who consistently over promises yet under delivers on all of his claims— the ones backed by fabricated figures. The list goes on and on. However, focusing on him leads to setting aside other problematic aspects of the biz. It’s time to address the elephant in the room, I s’pose. Like, how about we shift the focus on the DFY Amazon FBA service instead?

Amz Autopilot Review

Taking Kevin out of the equation, the said business model is still problematic af. And it’s not only on FBA being risky, competitive, and financially-draining as it is, there’s also a problem on how it’s set up in the first place. What I’m saying is this: The business is not set up like a usual partnership where you, the client, and the gurus offering the service share the same risks, profits, and losses.

Instead, the risks and losses, it’s all on you alone. No such thing as wasted service for the gurus here, it’s covered by their “management” fee regardless of results. Like what the f*ck, right? It’s like outsourcing, but the one doing the outsourcing work is not held accountable if they don’t get their job done. Hell, you can’t even complain, not without getting into legal troubles at least, because of the NDA that these gurus will make you sign. Sneakily if I should say because they’ll only mention it once there’s no going back for you already. Will hold your store hostage if you don’t sign it or sum.

To top it all off, they’ll get a hefty chunk of the store profits in any case there’s any. Essentially, this whole thang is unfairly structured to favor gurus all the way. And it’s not only on the money front, the thang gives them the power to be at the helm and not you in your very own store. Just like in Amz Autopilot where you, the store “owner”, won’t get a say on what product to sell. Not even a choice of niche, mind you… Just skip any of these DFY offers, alright?

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