Auvoria Prime Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Foreign exchange and stock trading often involves a lot of money as an investment. There are a lot of places online that you can get basic information about the stock market. Sometimes the sources you’ll find are often going to sell you a product related to stock trading. That’s fine. But you don’t have to immediately buy what they’re selling. It is sometimes a challenge when you have to find the best place that will help you grow your money in every step of the way. So I’m kind of amazed that there are multi-level marketing schemes that exist in the stock trading industry.

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A few of the people in Auvoria Prime’s corporate team have some experience in previous trading-related MLM schemes. Sal Leto, who serves as the company’s Chief Network Officer, previously served as the Vice President of Operations for Eaconomy, another company that offers a similar service to Auvoria Prime. What’s interesting about it is that he’s no longer listed in the about page of the website. Bill Wynne, who serves as Auvoria Prime’s current Chief Operations Officer and served as then-Chief Technology Officer, previously served as Chief Technology Officer for Eaconomy.

Auvoria Prime is basically a platform that helps teach you how to grow your money through whatever software and educational programs that they provide. Each of the three packages that they sell you gives you access to a number of tools that you can choose and switch however you like. The Silver access pass costs $199 a month and gives you access to two of their products. The Gold access pass costs $299 a month and gives you access to three of their products. The Platinum access pass costs $399 a month and gives you access to four of their products. All of them have the same benefits, it’s just the number of products that you can access is different. Aside from that monthly subscription, there is also a one-time activation fee worth $80 and a monthly VPS fee worth $30.

What I don’t get about Auvoria Prime is why they need an affiliate program. In a lot of MLMs, the way you earn more money is by getting people to sign up and purchase their own affiliate membership. You will usually get commissions from your recruited affiliates when you reach a certain quota for a certain tier in that structure. Multi-level marketing companies that exist in the health, beauty or clothing industries kind of make sense. There is an actual income stream of sorts because you are selling products aside from getting people to become an affiliate. Auvoria Prime is mainly just selling memberships to get access to tools and education that will possibly earn them money from trading. Aside from that monthly fee you have to pay Auvoria Prime, you also need money to put into trading.

Getting into trading as a newbie is a challenge. You’re not really sure how the market is going to be like at any given point. The tools and education that Auvoria Prime provides might be helpful. But you can never really too sure. There’s definitely a risk to forex and stock trading that you have be mindful of. It’s still highly dependent on you on you will use those tools to your advantage.

You can only go so far in any kind of multi-level marketing scheme. There is always a disadvantage towards anybody who starts at the bottom in those kinds of schemes. Not everyone at the bottom succeeds. And it’s not for a lack of trying. People at the top of those recruitment structures are the ones who benefit from the new recruits. 99% of the new recruits to a lot of MLMs lose money. That doesn’t seem fair at all.

I don’t really recommend anybody to join any kind of multi-level marketing company, regardless of whether or not they sell actual products you can use. I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of paying at least $199 a month just to learn about when or when not to trade. They could’ve at least shown a preview of how it works on their website. There’s a lot of money involved and I don’t really think it’s worth all that trouble to put all of that into something so risky.

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