Ava Wang Reviews

Ava Wang

Ava Wang got viral on TikTok for sharing how she became a millionaire at twenty-two years old. Thank goodness she didn’t waste her $2k savings on shoes and instead, she invested it all on dropshipping. She then showed a website that has everything you can dropship from A to Z. The clip ends with her saying, “As you see, the retail price is $52, the manufacturer price is $15, so you can profit $37.”

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So, yeah, she got internet-famous for a clip that didn’t really show much on how she became a millionaire. It’s just clickbait, sort of. Time to scroll through her TikTok and IG profile for more context, then.

But before I do, kindly take note of her description: College dropout to seven-figure online business owner. Riiight. Another day, another dropout turned dropshipping guru that posts their fancy vacay. Just the usual.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine to drop out of school. The truth is, it’s not for everyone. The only problem here is Ava throwing subtle jabs towards those who took the school route, including healthcare providers.

She’s like, why become a doctor and CRNA nurse when you can make 8X their salary as an entrepreneur instead? While I can understand her frustration as someone pressured before to study nursing, dunking on healthcare peeps is still inappropriate. Like girl, I hope your #tiktokmademebuyit products can save you from the “summer flu” that’s affecting people left and right recently.

Anyways, the overall vibe I get from her videos are as follows: One, starting an e-commerce business is the best decision she made in her life; two, it’s never too late for you to start a similar biz like hers; three, making $10k a month with it isn’t hard, all it takes is having one winning product; and four, learning from her is apparently the key to finding the “one”.

Or maybe, learning isn’t the right term ‘cause she got none of ‘em dropshipping courses yet under Ecom Wealth University. Which, BTW, is quite odd for a “university”. Can’t expect a dropout to make sense out of anything school, I guess.

Instead of an online course, the main product offered by Ava is DFY online store setup service.It includes setting up a Shopify dropshipping store that has order fulfillment under the hood, a tracking page, policy pages, payment gateway integration, and professional graphics. In summary, you’ll get the essential features of a standard Shopify store plus complementary email and domain names.

No need to do the market research yourself either ‘cause her team will hook you up with winning products you can sell and dropship right away. No need to worry about the copywriting part as each product already comes with optimized description and pictures.

The said DFY offer of Ava comes in two flavors: The basic store package and the premium store package that cost $797 and $997, respectively. With basic store package, you’ll only get one winning product compared to premium with four.

Also, the time it takes to receive the store with the former is much longer at fourteen days. While on premium, you can expect to receive your store within one day or less. Both time estimates assume that you have no other request to make. If you want to add something, expect longer wait times and more fees.

Ava Wang Reviews

While creating a Shopify store isn’t necessarily rocket science, I see the value of hiring someone, especially an expert, to do it for you. But there’s a catch, the latter is only worth it if the price is right. In the case of Ava’s offer, it’s more like the price makes me wanna fight. Too expensive, IMHO.

I see no social proof to confirm that Ava is the real deal either. She had no problems flexing her Tesla and Pradas, and yet no mention of the link to her Shopify store. No reason to be secretive given that she’s doing branded dropshipping.

I did saw a clip where she’s holding branded lashes. Assuming it was her product, I tried to google it and found nothing that matched what I saw. Oh well, searching for the store shouldn’t feel like I’m treasure hunting in the first place.

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