Avalon Empowerment Review (Evolved NLP Practitioner)

Evolved NLP Practitioner

Avalon Empowerment exists to empower your business and life. And when they say empower, they mean training you to become an Evolved NLP Practitioner. Not to be confused with Natural Language Processing, NLP (short for Neuro-linguistic Programming) is something that could be beneficial for life coaches and social entrepreneurs alike. That’s what Avalon Empowerment founders Kelly Oswin, Laura Slinn, and Ernie Pavan believe, anyway. What’s the fuss about it, I’ll spill down below.

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If someone told me that I can learn neuroscience without attending a proper medicine school, I’ll tell ‘em to f*ck off. And you know what, that’s what Avalon Empowerment lowkey said in one of their web pages which has recently “stepped out for a bit” for some rea$on [implying that my bet is them not paying the cost of website upkeep].

Thank heavens to Wayback Machine, I was able to know that Avalon Empowerment wrote the following claim: “Understand basic neuroscience and what’s really going on in your client’s brain.” In reality, it’s just their pseudoscience bullsh*t— something presented as science despite lacking the rigor required in scientific method.

In other words, it’s fake, it’s misleading, it’s not peer reviewed, and, again, it’s bullsh*t. Can’t be more obvious with them also using the term “alchemize” in the very same webpage neuroscience is mentioned [although I realized that it’s also written on the current homepage, whoops]. It’s been known that you can’t turn relatively sh*tty metal to gold. Can’t transmute a lil girl and her dog into one abomination either [sorry for the reminder Fullmetal Alchemist fans].

Besides, NLP itself sounds too good to be true. The idea of an NLP Practitioner being able to quickly reprogram your brain with a few words and gestures is just absurd. Not to mention that this change apparently translates to prosperity for your biz too. Prosperity for you and your client in particular.

Achieving prosperity here could be true, but it’s like being RTT’s hypnotherapist. Making money as an Evolved NLP practitioner means doing unproven, questionable stuff to your clients besides hyping limiting beliefs (and removing it like what Bobby Goodwin’s The Cosmic Creator program promises) to death.

Just like in RTT, you’re supposed to mess up with someone’s adverse childhood experiences and traumas here, and I’ll tell ya, don’t ever dare to do that unless you’re the devil himself. Leave that sh*t to health professionals with many years of proper education under their belt. And no, being called fancy labels in Triple-Certified, Trauma-Aware, Transformational Coach doesn’t count as professional.

Regardless, here’s what you’ll get once you sign up for Avalon Empowerment’s Evolved NLP Practitioner training [please don’t]: Traditional NLP Practitioner tools, curriculum, scripts, and live mentorship interaction. Also includes everything you need to hit the ground running right away (or so they say) in client forms, systems, suggested task lists, and more.

To describe the curriculum further, they mention how it includes Avalon breakthrough and coaching processes besides the NLP concepts itself like applied and behavioural kinesiology, energetic denial clearing, forgiveness work, among others. No mention of the price anywhere on their site, but I’ll assume that Avalon Empowerment’s Evolved NLP Practitioner training cost around $2.5k up to $10k.

Avalon Empowerment Review

The expensive price of this is also another reason why I won’t recommend this training. Coughing up many Gs to become a scummy life coach is just not worth it. Heck, being a scummy life coach alone even for free ain’t it. Don’t be a quack ‘cause that’s wack. Trust me, there are other business models out there that still got ya back.

Don’t be part of a problem that’s similar to being a flat earther, an anti vaxxer, or both like Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie “World B Flat” Irving. Like, c’mon guys and gals, no one’s pointing a gun at ya head to do this [I hope]. As someone’s lecturer once said, “NLP doesn’t involve neurology, linguistics, or programming. Do not go near it.”

To conclude, I don’t recommend Avalon Empowerment’s Evolved NLP Practitioner trainer, not even their book in Evolved NLP: The Impact-Driven Coach’s Guide to Amplified Revenue and Results. I don’t think that they’re a scam in a sense that they do provide some training. The problem is it’s all woo-woo BS, and nothing else.

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