Avisae Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Avisae is another company that deals with the health and wellness niche. Why are there too many people going through all the trouble of starting and making something that they know already exists in the first place? Well in my opinion, I think it’s about competition. Most people are known as competitors and always want to gamble for a 50-50 chance to get successful. And that’s what happens to most companies that keep on popping out like mushrooms every now and then.

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The said company was founded in 2013 by Brook Yates. Brook loves most in what he does is the ability to create lasting relationships with the people he deals with. Maybe that’s the reason why Avisae is now part of a bigger company – BeneYOU, together with two other companies, M. Global and Jamberry in 2018. They claimed to be the best in wellness, beauty and purpose. The three united for a better cause.

Avisae mainly focused on the gut-health industry with their famous Love your Gut line of products. “With unmatched technology and taste, your wellness experience just got a fantastic boost”, they exclaimed. Given that there are many alike products out there, that’s some bravado coming from them. They also have products targeting anti-aging, weight loss and inflammation which I have seen in most companies. No surprise about that.

The company has three membership plans to choose from. One is what they call Avisae Insider which is mainly for consumers. They give rewards points on every Avisae product purchased that you can use to buy more products basically. Another is Avisae VIP which you can get exclusive discounts and also includes an autoship program that will never let you run out of Avisae products monthly. And lastly, the Avisae Blue membership which is for the aspiring distributors.

Joining Avisae as an independent business owner (IBO) requires you to buy the Avisae Blue membership that costs $79.95. This includes business tools and brochures, digital copy of startup guidelines and a personal website that you can use to keep track of your business. And they also offer their new affiliates 2 different membership packages that cost $199.95 and $299.95 that contain assorted Avisae products for you to start your business journey.

Just like any other MLM, Avisae’s compensation plan starts with the retail commission. You will earn just by selling their products. Percentage commission was not specified in their website but it is basically and for most the difference between your own retail price and the wholesale price which you bought the product for. And they have personal sales volume commission that can earn you up to 25% of the sales you produced monthly.

And now here comes commissions based on the recruitment part. First requirement is for you to be able to generate 100PV monthly. In the first order sales bonus, you can earn a percentage of the products your recruited affiliate bought (especially if it’s Star Plus package – $299.95 one) and this bonus can be achieved up to two levels of recruitment and will earn you up to 24% of commissions.

Their recruitment commissions are based on a unilevel compensation structure that can go down to 10 levels. Imagine filling up all those spots. You have almost 60,000 people under you. How crazy is that? And of course, the more the people are in your downline,  the more the money that you can possibly earn. 

Lastly, they have executive check match bonuses, global pools and Legacy 300 (based on what they call it), and they also offer retirement planning for successful members. As I said successful members, I’m talking about those affiliates with a high ranking position.  This shows that hard work pays off, or does it really?

Avisae is not a scam, it is a legitimate mlm company that has health and wellness products, and they offer a wide variety at that for their affiliates to sell and earn money from. All is said through their compensation plan but let’s get real here. It is never easy to sell expensive products and to convince and recruit people which is the hardest thing to do in my opinion.

To be honest, there is more outgoing money just to remain active in this kind of setup than incoming money. You are basically losing money in MLM and not the other way around which they promised you. Financial stability? More like financial anxiety and depression. That’s why 50% of all MLM participants quit within one year. So if you’re planning to join, just don’t. Remove it from your thought process. It’s just a waste of time, money and effort.

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