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Boss Babe Review (Natalie Ellis, Danielle Canty)

Natalie Ellis, Danielle Canty

Boss Babe claims that all you need is a wifi and a dream. And yes, they are also catered to (ambitious) women and promise to help them reach their goals, become the best version of themselves, and build lives that they desire. In what way will Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty’s program deliver their promises, then? Surprisingly enough, I don’t think it’s through MLM. Scroll down to my review below to know what’s up.

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Knowing that I found this girl duo from watching their interview with Danielle Leslie before, I already have an idea on what biz they’re preaching. Not a concrete one since they can be just inviting successful women just like them to speak on their social media platform, but I guess a pretty tame speculation that they’re doing the same like Sophie isn’t bad. And bingo, I am right all along. One of the two ways they teach women to make money is to sell courses.

You might be wondering why the heck I had to put my thought process behind guessing their business model in (digital) ink. Well, I’m sorry if I had to bore you with a whole paragraph about it instead of a single sentence, but dang, it’s not like I’m making you read the entire terms and conditions. I got a strong urge to say this because one, I’ll be ecstatic if you guess the biz right before I spilled it because you’ve read my review about the other Danielle and two, I think it’s a nice hint to how large Boss Babe’s social media presence is.

Sure, they’re not that popular on YouTube where I found ‘em first through Danielle’s, but their Instagram got massive numbers. I’m talking about over three million in followers and five-figure likes on the average for Boss Babe’s business page alone. They’re active there as well and even gave a piece of their mind regarding the overturning of Roe V. Wade recently.

Mind you, I usually don’t give a single damn about social media figures. Numbers can be bought and it could be nothing but bots. However, it’s noteworthy here because it’s linked to the other half of Boss Babe’s way of making money which is getting leads from the ‘gram. Not a stretch to relate it to the “selling a course” part too since you can definitely use Instagram as a platform to sell them just like what Natalie and Danielle are doing.

Enough with the rah rah and let’s talk about the flagship course for each money-making way I mentioned. For selling a course, Boss Babe got Online Launch School. They call it a 12-week program “designed to walk you step by step through a successful launch of your online program or service.” They claim it’s good for beginners who might have a killer idea, but don’t know how to proceed and even those with existing coaching, membership, or service-based business.

Boss Babe Review

On the other hand, Boss Babe got Influencer School as their training for getting leads off Instagram. And it’s not just Instagram, you’ll also get bonus training in YouTube Couse, Tiktok Masterclass, and Careers in Social for more “influencer” stuff. Here, they say that you don’t need to worry about market saturation as you’re building a brand that highlights your authentic personality… 

About that last tidbit, if your personality is somehow interesting at all, then alright, don’t worry about saturation any more. You’ll stand out in no time. Otherwise, I have my doubts if it’s reasonably doable. Being real is not enough if you’re boring, sad to say. Might take a lot of effort on your part if you’re not a natural, so I don’t think it’s good advice to just stick through if it means blood, sweat, and tears. Not the girls’ fault that the majority are salivating over clickbait content rather than the authentic ones, though.

Anyway, both of the mentioned Boss Babe’s courses cost a one time payment of $997 or three equal payments of $397. That steep price without any live coaching in the courses is enough for me to not recommend Boss Babe. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a scam just like its namefellow in Boss Babes Co that fraudulently charges people off Instagram for a chance of being a brand ambassador. Not a part of the toxic bunch of MLMers selling you garbage that you don’t want either. I just don’t think it’s worth a purchase given that there’s other business models out there that don’t require you to have an expertise or interesting personality.

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