eCom Babes Review (Cortney Fletcher)

Cortney Fletcher

Cortney Fletcher travels a lot, she reminded me of Dora the Explorer. She’s originally from Puerto Rico but she’s always out there catching the sun in LA and living like an absolute “girl boss.”  She does this because she can, and you know what comes next… her saying that she’s willing to share her secrets in eCom Babes, at a price as expected, so you can have this kind of lifestyle too. I had my doubts that a Shopify boutique she’s pushing in her course can make that luxurious lifestyle possible and I’ll share why on this review.

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Cortney is a college dropout turned “self-made millionaire” (that’s what she said) that is very vocal of discouraging 9-5 cubicle jobs. In her six-week course for women in eCom Babes, she believes that you can start a dropshipping biz so you can quit the traditional means of earning money and have the time, money, and freedom that you truly deserve.

What I like about her is that she discusses in great details the importance of marketing in dropshipping.  It’s what she calls connective eCommerce. She’s adamant to say how important building your brand is and one of the few gurus that actively advocates the use of affiliate marketing for such endeavor. Her male counterparts, on the other hand, seems to forget the classic saying of “no man is an island.”

Still, her recommending Shopify dropshipping is still a BIG NO for me. There’s just no way a Shopify store can give you time and freedom unless you are outsourcing literally everything (and not only the products). It requires your undivided attention, more than most cubicle jobs would demand probably, since you need to sell a LOT. Researching for the latest trends so you can adjust your product offers accordingly can be time-consuming too.

Aside from dropshipping not having my seal of approval, Cortney doesn’t show her own Shopify store to prove that she’s credible to teach such. It’s more likely that she’ just getting money off her course. Her early posts didn’t even mention any success on a Shopify store, just straight up her being successful in providing a space for women to “feel supported and inspired on their path to entrepreneurship.”

To be honest, I rather be laugh upon and ridiculed by others if I were one of those people who pays thousands to gurus without proof of success to show like Cortney. Give me a reality check, a slap in the face, so I can keep my $3,800 from the prying hands of these so-called mentors teaching a business that they don’t have themselves.  Yes, that’s how expensive Cortney’s course too.

eCom Babes Review

This might be an unnecessary jab but it’s also hilarious how the course is talking about managing Instagram accounts when Cortney herself seems to have trouble managing hers. I mean, she had moved her eCom Babes business account on another page with a slightly different name (Entrepreneurial Babes). It’s likely because of the pathetic figures on the former at only 421 followers but she also mentions it as a part of her rebranding efforts (quite strange that the course’s site remains eCom Babes). Quite frankly, the new page is not that better with follower count barely hitting 1.5k while they’re following back around 3.5k.

Speaking of another slightly off-tangent note courtesy of her personal Instagram account, I hate how she’s flaunting her biz as something that made her able to adopt “ALL the animals” she wants. Three months before though, she gave up a dog for no apparent reason. I mean, I don’t think you’ll count some bs rhetoric like “I knew in my heart she wasn’t meant to live with me forever” a valid reason in this context. I understand not wanting a third dog but c’mon, why exclaim that you can adopt them ALL? Maybe it’s just a lost in translation moment but she could’ve chosen a better word and not something that means “bring it up as one’s own.” Seriously, she probably knows the meaning of the word adopt since she’s asking if someone’s interested in “adopting” in another post. Sad reality that it’s common for people like her to twist their words deliberately just for social media engagements – the clicks and kaching that comes with it.

So no, I don’t recommend Cortney at all. The business model alone already makes her eCom Babes not worth signing up for, but Cortney made it much worse with charging exorbitant cost while not showing any proof that she really walks the talk.

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