Bad Ass Marketers Review (Joshua T Osborne)

Joshua T Osborne

Joshua T Osborne says that his program Bad Ass Marketers (BAM) is for the positive minded people that understands following an already established system from a mentor like him is good for business. He believes that those people can utilize his system in digital real estate, the same system that earned him $41, 415 a month on autopilot. “This is so simple, it should be illegal,” are the words plastered on his site. Is there any truth on these tall claims? Find the answer by reading this Bad Ass Marketers Review below.

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BAM is a course that covers topics in lead generation and digital real estate. It was created by Joshua T Osborne who claims that he had spent years perfecting “Business Growth System” that enables him to be who he is today. From a broke guy living in a trailer to a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses, Joshua claims that you can be like him by joining BAM and learning the system. According to him, this is the easiest and most effective business unlike others he tried before that busted badly. The said businesses he had tried before and failed are related to affiliate marketing, Clickbank products, Facebook ads, and E-commerce.

Specifically, the course discusses topics such as developing the proper mindset, creating your lead generation website, and explaining how search engine optimization (SEO) works. It also discusses what is a Google map pack, how to setup paid ads, and how to make sales and retain clients. With the said contents, Joshua claims that his course will enable you to easily rank first in Google searches and Google map pack. Signing up for the course also means an access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can interact with like-minded people.

Unfortunately, the price of the program is not indicated on their site. Even the branded/sponsored reviews do not mention any figures on the pricing. Are there any reason for not being transparent? Turns out the reason they purposely hide the said info behind a phone call is that it is very expensive. $7,000 expensive, to be exact. They do offer a $2,000 “scholarship” if you find the cost too expensive, which you should. However, $5,000 is still too costly.

Another red flag in the course is their refund policy. The inconsistency on the said policy is already bad but how they also articulate their justification on discouraging their students to get one made it worse. “NOPE! What we give are ASSETS and once you get access to them, we can’t take them back. Sorry, but think of it like a cake, once you eat, there isn’t any way you can return it.” Checking their terms and regulations, however, shows that they do offer a refund but only within 48 hours of initial payment of the course.

Bad Ass Marketers Review

It is also important to note that earning from lead generation and digital rent estate is not as easy as Joshua claims. It is never an income on autopilot and your page is never always guaranteed first in the Google searches especially when competing in a local scale. A Facebook post of a concerned daughter of someone who took BAM perfectly encapsulates the struggle in this program – “She completed the course and has yet to make any money… she has been working non-stop for months trying to complete these courses, so much money down the drain.”

The complexity of this business model is also amplified by the fact that Joshua’s system relies on an illegal method called Private Blog Network (PBN). Sure, it is a fast way to rank on Google, but it is still not a week to get desired results fast. Realistically, it takes 2 months or more to rank.  Worst, you will lose all your hard work (rankings in the search engine results page) if you are caught implementing this so-called black hat technique.

In summary, it is recommended to skip this course. There is money in lead generation, but it is better to find other courses about it that is far more affordable than Joshua’s. Besides, why trust your money on something that employs a lot of shady practices like Joshua’s course do.

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