Reviewing Craig Ballantyne’s Net Worth

There never seems to be a short supply of business coaches out there on the internet. As someone who reviews a lot of different personalities and companies, I often search for them on YouTube. Influencers and motivational coaches will most likely have a YouTube channel where they will post videos that give you a taste of the kind of topic that they talk about. Business coaches will often title their videos with “Here’s How So and So Managed to Earn $20,000 Every Day” or “7 Things You Can Learn From Wealthy People.” I will admit that I often do that kind of stuff in a lot of my work. With so many people battling out for clicks, you have to be able to play the game.

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Craig Ballantyne’s journey to become a business coach started with a blog called Early to Rise. The blog, which was founded by Mark Ford in the early 2000s, mainly served as daily motivation for people who wanted to get a head in life. Mark Ford wrote under a pseudonym during most of his run on the website. The website lead to Mark writing a few books and lead to thousands of its readers to quit their respective day jobs and create six- to seven-figure businesses. There isn’t that many information regarding those businesses.

Where does Craig factor into all of this? Well, Craig was in graduate school studying exercise physiology. He started a weekly e-mail newsletter that was mostly about how to get faster results in the gym by using what were considered unconventional training methods at the time. The audience for that newsletter was mostly people he knew in the academe and in the fitness industry, including some of his friends. A year or so into that newsletter, he had the opportunity to write Men’s Health magazine. A year after that, he released a home workout program called Turbulence Training. That venture proved to be successful.

Somehow, the success of that program was only the first step to what he wanted to do. He wanted to have a business just like Early To Rise. With the help of his first business coach Tom V., Craig gained more skills as a business owner and a business coach. Eventually, Craig went on to launch a website called Internet Independence which was modeled after ETR. It was in 2011 that Mark decided to move to new projects and sell the website. Eventually, a deal was struck between Mark and Craig. And Craig became the new owner of ETR. If that’s not manifesting destiny, I don’t know what is.

Craig managed to keep the website going for the next decade. He went on to write books of his own, one of which became a Wall Street Journal bestseller. Along the way, Craig started to cement himself as a reliable business coach. In his official biography, he mentions that he has helped at least 260 entrepreneurs earn their first seven-figures. Until now, Craig has still been doing workshops that will help budding entrepreneurs reach the kind of success that he says in the copy. It’s estimated that Craig Ballantyne’s net worth is around $8,000,000.

The workshop I mention costs a one-time fee of $7,000. (You can obviously pay that fee through five installments worth $1,500.) Putting out that kind of money for a workshop like this might be hard to swallow. I guess the people who are joining the workshops have that kind of money to spend. It’s still a lot of money regardless of the purpose. The installment price is slightly easier to make sense of. Even though you’re paying $500 more in the end.

Aside from the business workshops, Craig still posts on his YouTube channel. In case you’re just somebody who wants listen to his or any of his guest’s advice, maybe the videos that he uploads on the platform are enough to satisfy whatever interest you have. He posts regularly on the platform but it doesn’t get more than a thousand views at a time. When there are so many different people talking about similar things, it’s hard to break through and get attention. Still, it seems that there is still an audience for Craig’s advice.

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