BAM University Review (Bad Ass Marketers)

Online marketing can be such a daunting task for somebody who doesn’t have any experience in it. People nowadays are looking for ways to earn money online. And online marketing provides that kind of opportunity, if you have the right skillset and knowledge for it. Everyone has seen how online marketing works whether they realize it or not. You see it on your social media feed, when you watch videos on YouTube or even search for something on Google. People utilize the tools that these platforms provide in order to help their business. But it takes a lot of time in order to get the hang of the platform by yourself.

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That’s why there are a lot of different training programs about that sort of thing online. People who have the knowledge and experience of using those kinds of platforms and strategies have leveraged that to help other people while also earning money for themselves. I mean, if you have substantial experience, why not make money out of it? Some people are willing to shell out money to learn something new. That’s why there are so many different websites that offer courses on different skillsets. There’s always an audience who want to learn about something new.

Bad Ass Marketers is an online marketing program founded by some guy named Josh Osborne. There isn’t much else to really know about Josh. He doesn’t really mention much of his life in his official biography. There are small bits here and there. The way it’s written feels like he’s talking to you in a way that’s similar to a motivational coach. Which, surprisingly, he actually is. You can actually invite him to do a talk. He also founded two other online marketing programs called Social Ads Tribe and Digital Sales Society.

The Bad Ass Marketers University, or BAM University, is an online training program that will teach you the basics about running your digital marketing agency. The focus of your business hinges on two things: search engine optimization and digital real estate. Search engine optimization or SEO is what a lot of websites employ in order to rank high within the search results on search engines like Google. They use relevant keywords that people search for so that they are considered a relevant result. Digital real estate is pretty much the same as normal real estate. But you’re selling a website that you built instead of a house.

The program consists of 14 sections and a total of 329 videos. The amount of videos you will watch per section varies. But there are certain topics that will have more than 10 videos. One of them has 39, if you can believe. A lot of people are more attuned to watching videos instead of reading so it’s great that the course is primarily video-forward. There’s probably transcripts included in each video.

One thing I dislike about BAM University is that it isn’t upfront about the price of the course. It’s not really the first time I have ever seen a training program try to hide the price for their course. From some of the reviews I have seen, they mention that you have to set up a call in order to find out about the pricing for the course. Now I can sort of get why they didn’t want to be upfront about it. Because the initial price for the course is $7,000. Though the price for it could go down to $5,000 if you sign up through the call. It’s weird that you have to sign up over the phone instead of online.

An added benefit to the Joshua T Osborne’s course is that you get access to a student-only Facebook group where you can talk to the other people who have taken the course. It’s great that you don’t have to go through it alone. There are probably people in that group who will answer your questions about certain parts of the course. Even though that you’re actually competing with those same people, it’s nice to have people who share the same kind of experience as you.

While the program isn’t necessarily a scam, the price is really the worst part about it. I feel like $5,000 seems like too much. I get that there are expenses to running a website. But it’s still a lot of money to put out initially. There are still other costs that you have to consider when you create your own digital marketing agency. The course itself seems decent enough. But you can probably learn some of the topics featured in the course on YouTube. There are a lot of videos out there about SEO and digital real estate.

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