Marc Barrett Review (Side Hustle Millionaire Secrets)

Side Hustle Millionaire Secrets

Marc Barrett  claims that the biz he’s offering is a 100% automated marketing system that you can plug and play. No cold-calling nor closing the deals yourself required as Marc and his team will do it for you. The ad spend is on you, but the more you spend, the more leads (possible sales) that you get, says Marc. More info regarding the biz is on his Side Hustle Millionaire Secrets book. I’ll review it below.

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The first thing that pops off the page is him crediting his online biz, the one he’s offering at a price, as the reason that he can live his life on his own terms. Specifically, he says “thanks to my online business, Julie and I have been able to establish true financial and time freedom, we have no commute, and we are not a slave to a 9 to 5 work schedule.” Good for him if it’s true, but I think he has no business saying it like the way he does.

No offense, but dude is too f*cking old to be talking about being free from commuting. Of course, you should… you’re probably retired like decades ago! It might not be obvious with the quote I just dropped above, but trust me when the next paragraph or two after that quote sound like him being fresh out of the 9-5 grind. Nah. You better find a more appropriate guru script next time, gramps.

Anyhow, the rest of the book doesn’t explain Marc’s business opportunity that much. Sure, he mentions the five key elements of it, but it’s still vague and doesn’t add some substantial info IMHO. Just look at it: one, break the technology barrier; two, use out of the box lead solutions; three, use automation and leverage; four, coaching; and five, sell big-ticket products.

The bottomline is still what we already know earlier except, of course, the involvement of big-ticket products. But  yeah, it just means paying for his program to get his plug and play (almost completely DFY) system and coaching. Then what?

Turns out, the revealing details about the biz are on the website that opens automatically after you request for a copy of Side Hustle Millionaire Secrets. And oh boy, the business opportunity is so much similar to the offer of guys I’ve reviewed before like Marc Wilson, Josh Snyder, and, to some extent, Adam Holland. 

Just a side note. I don’t know if I’m just tripping, probably not because I’m sober and more into tea than henny, but I saw Marc Wilson and Josh Snyder in Marc’s video testimonials. Both guys I can’t really find on any social media platforms are somehow there flaunting a handful of FedEx mails with checks they apparently got from Marc’s biz. The f*ck?

Marc Barrett Review

Anyway, let’s talk about the most obvious similarity of the business opportunity among Marc and the dudes I mentioned above, which are the pricing tiers and commission rates… Yes, I didn’t stutter when I said that this involved tiers and commission. Bet you know where this is going, huh? Regardless, here it is. There are four tiers offered within the program starting with gold level at $3,247, platinum level at $7447, diamond level at $14,647, and royal level at $21,847. The commission rates are $1500 for gold level, $3500 at platinum level, $7000 at diamond level, and $10,500 at royal level.

Unlike Adam Holland who, at least, updated the product inclusions with digital training, Marc seems to stick with the sh*tty PLR. If you’re not familiar with the PLR, they’re like your old school magazine, but with recycled garbage content that’s outdated and not marketable at all. And so, the high ticket program you’re about to sell is not the said PLR that only costs seven dollar tops, but Marc’s biz itself. So, you’re basically recruiting others to the same biz you just bought to get commissions and earn money… looks like a pyramid scheme to me, although there are efforts, albeit minimal, to make it look like a network marketing/MLM biz.

To make matters worse, Marc here seems to be targeting old people just like him with the way he talks about technology. The target are army veterans before with the other Marc and Josh, but all of ‘em are after the same retirement money. That being said, it’s easy to say that I won’t be recommending Marc’s business opportunity (and his book) anytime soon. You’re not getting some side hustle money here, only Marc the old fogey hustler will.

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