Bashar J Katou Reviews

Bashar J Katou

Bashar J Katou, rocking his iconic Stalin mustache with a soul patch as usual, shares how selling on Amazon could be life-changing. He claims that it saved him from being down $150k in debt and working 24/7 just to stay afloat. Fast forward to now, he’s not only debt-free, but also able to live a life on his own terms. And he’ll teach you how to copy his success on Amazon FBA at BJK University. Interested? Read my review below before signing up.

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His first advice? Don’t be arrogant and try figuring all the things out by yourself. He learned this the hard way in Amazon FBA as he lost a lot before from bad product choices. He did his due diligence, spent hours absorbing info like a sponge from YouTube videos and all, but he still failed. Only after taking a course, albeit a crappy $500 one from a lambo-flexing tank top guy, that he was able to get on track. Now, he’s running a seven-figure Amazon FBA biz as well as a seven-figure Amazon FBA educational company called BJK University.

The ironic thing about his advice above? If a crappy $500 course plus YouTube knowledge is enough for him to be successful, why would anyone pay the steep price of his BJK University mentorship offer that costs $3,800? Sure, he’s not like the other usual gurus that flex their expensive toys unnecessarily, but does it matter if he’s able to learn from them? C’mon man, make it make sense. Change your script and try again.

His next advice? Try to have as many products as possible in your FBA store. It’s like the more entries you have, the more chances of you winning. Huh? Excuse me Bashar, but this ain’t a motherfrickin’ sweeptakes. Trying to offer so much variety right away isn’t really aligned to his promise of starting with the lowest amount of money possible. And the said strategy is not only capital intensive, but also product research intensive too. Simply put, I don’t think the saying of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” applies here. Especially not when you’re just starting the thang, so don’t be too cray-cray with options.

To be honest, I really don’t jive with any of his advice at all. Not even the inspirational stuff that’s not necessarily about Amazon FBA, but more on taking action and buying courses, just like his BJK University, in general. For instance, he’s preaching about finding a supportive partner just like his wifey. The type that’ll give you their benjamins, even if it’s their last, just for you to take another gamble aka signing up on a course. His wife did, and that’s also after him failing too many times and jeopardizing his eventual mother-in-law’s $5k. “She’s a keeper who saw my potential even when I couldn’t,” he says in an Instagram post to describe his partner.

Bashar J Katou Reviews

Having someone to trust you unconditionally is cool and all, but isn’t that toxic to expect your partner to still support you, especially with their money, after you shat the bed too many times? Personally, I would rather have my S.O. tell me to stop such madness on spending too much before I completely go down the rabbit hole. Stop the bleeding before it’s too late, better be down one grand than down a ten grand. Just sayin’.

Unlike him who apparently succeeded after taking that one last (crappy) course, a lot wouldn’t have the same fate. Not with the challenging as ever Amazon FBA that’s far from being “easy money” unlike before. TBH, I only see this as a retaliation to those who essentially blue balled him as they stopped their partners from taking his pricey $3,800 course. A lil bit salty, eh?

To conclude, I wouldn’t recommend Bashar and his BJK University offer. Too pricey of a course for a business model (Amazon FBA plus private label) I’m not really down with. And it’s not even an actual mentorship as he’s notorious for responding with very generic fluff. Hell, there are a lot of times that he’s not even replying at all as he’s taking too many students – way over the number he could realistically handle (as expected from a guy who preaches quantity over quality). Don’t get fooled by the ‘stache, move TF on, and invest your money somewhere else.

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