Millionaire Consulting Review (Bastiaan Slot)

Bastiaan Slot

Bastiaan Slot is someone I’d call as coaches’ coach as he has clients who are also coaches themselves. While stalking, er, scrolling through his Facebook, I saw Bastiaan welcoming Jaime Higuera (I know this guy!) to his Consulting Leaders Mastermind. Apparently, he’s gonna coach this SMMA mentor to go from $150k a month to $500k by the end of ‘22. Now, what’s the implication of this? I’ll tell ya in my Millionaire Consulting review below.

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The situation we have above may only mean two things. It’s either one, Bastiaan is a fraud who’s just good at tricking coaches like Jaime (plus Brian Bosché and Phil Bohol that I’ve also reviewed recently) into thinking he’s damn good; or two, Bastiaan really knows what he’s doing which is why he’s able to gain the trust of other coaches. One or the other.

My skeptic ass might lead y’all to believe that I’ll assume the worst. Not this time. I think that Bastiaan here is getting clients because he knows what he’s doing. Mind you, I’m not really giving him a compliment here since that’s what he really should be, he better knows what he’s doing. C’mon now. But hey, by fake guru standards, it’s aight that he’s not a scammer.

Although, I should say that he must be a really competent coach or else, the Gs he’s charging for his consulting services would be highway robbery. I still find it pricey, though. So… Price reveal? That’d be for later as we gotta go over what his Millionaire Consulting has to offer first.

Millionaire Consulting is an online program that helps aspiring entrepreneurs start or grow their coaching biz to six, seven figures. Generally speaking, the program will be able to fine-tune the foundations of your offer, marketing, sales, onboarding, delivery, system building, team building, and scaling.

Fine-tuning your foundations means helping you to get clear on your niche, pricing, coaching model, and positioning. Basically, the how-tos of structuring your high ticket offer. Meanwhile, they’ll share their own organic method of lead attraction (i.e. using Meta apps that’s not really META anymore) plus traffic/content system to help you with marketing.

Sales is about… sales, ‘nuff said. Similarly, onboarding is about showing you the ideal way of, well, onboarding to set your clients up for success. Once you set ‘em up well, Millionaire Consulting will optimize your service delivery, something that’s very crucial in getting consistent results for your clients.

Then, system building and team building is about the program helping you in finding real, competent team players (as opposed to VAs and freelancers) for your biz, and having proper, automated systems to train ‘em well. Finally, you’ll get a roadmap plus access to the entire Millionaire Consulting team, their systems, and exact processes for the scaling part.

To get Millionaire Consulting’s help, you may choose to get it from their four different offers namely 6-Figure Elite, The Consulting System, Elite Setter Accelerator, and Consulting Leaders Mastermind. How different are they? I’ll spill below.

The first one, 6-Figure Elite, is access to online video training and that only, while The Consulting System is only systems installation. Then, Elite Setter Accelerator is about getting you a trained appointment setter that’ll book around five to ten calls a day. Actually, this is like a crossover offer with his other program, Appointment Setter.

Millionaire Consulting Review

Last but not the least is the Consulting Leader Mastermind where the likes of “big-time” high earning coaches like Jaime are enrolled. To me, this is Millionaire Consulting’s most complete offer. It’ll give you access to training resources like 6-Figure Elite while at the same time, you’ll also get the DFY systems from The Consulting System.

Heck, they’ll also help you find an appointment setter here like what Elite Setter Accelerator promise. And there’s a lot more included that are exclusive here like weekly mentorship calls and accountability check, twelve ninety-minute deep dive battle plan calls, voice and text mentorships via Facebook group and messenger, and access to Millionaire Consulting’s team.

That’s a lot of inclusions… as it should, anything less than that is not really ideal at all. Why, this Millionaire Consulting’s offer would cost you either $42,000 for the six-month option, or $75,000 for the twelve-month option… Yup, definitely one of my priciest price reveal I’ve done so far. Not a fan of such, not when y’all probably don’t need it just yet anyway. We good!

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