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Scott Bauer Reviews

Scott Bauer

Scott Bauer’s latest ad is all about giving you a watchlist of three option plays he’s looking at for the week. This will pop up at the top of your searches, labeled explicitly as a sponsored content, once you google his name. Surprisingly, the said watchlist is something you can get for free despite him spending lots of ad money to get it upfront. There must be a catch, am I right? Scroll below to find out.

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To answer the question above, there would be a catch, obviously. The most glaring one would be the fact that Scott’s offer won’t stop on the free watchlist. And the next offer would cost you mullahs. It’s from Scott himself, BTW. “You’re going to want to see some of the other things that I have to offer as well,” he mentions in the ad’s video as the reason why he’s offering the watchlist free of charge.

In another video that appears when you give him your name and email, he starts the discussion by saying this: “I find secrets that are super valuable and have the potential to make a lot of brand spanking new successful traders in short order,” he says. “And I’d like you to be one of those but not for the reason that you think,” he continues.

His reason? He straight up admitted that his students’ success is his success. To be fair, he probably didn’t mean it to be taken as him earning solely from course money, but he ended up sounding exactly like a guy admitting that. “Their success from learning how to trade has helped me grow my business dramatically,” he exclaims.

Obviously, crediting you, or anyone interested in throwing some money to him, for his success is not enough without saying that he chose this, the mentor life, by himself. To commence this talk, he starts with enumerating the famous investors and personalities he collabed with as well as him being featured on several news networks. Fear not, as Scott’s heart still belongs to the average and middling crowd… yeah, right.

To be honest, I see this as him targeting vulnerable people who might want to escape their 9-5 immediately. The type who might willingly let themselves be blinded by the shine of too good to be true promises.  And so the dream of getting off the rat race is what Scott is selling. 

Scott apparently did the switch from broke to rich bloke as he mentions being a struggling baseball coach slash bank teller before. But once he got the groove on trading, everything changed for the better. By using his strategies, you might as well replicate his success, or so he claims. “Have a biz where you are able to call your own shots, being able to do what you want to do, when you want, where you want, how you want, and with whom you want,” he appeals.

Of course, he would not sell his sh*t on millionaires who’ll likely call his bluff. But whoever you are, rich or not, please don’t fall for this hook, line, and sinker. If he’s THAT successful of a trader, he’ll laugh his way to the bank by trading over and over without you getting involved in the equation. But no, he has to get you on the ride because these gurus, who are likely far from being as good as they claim, know where the easy money is and it is in their students’ pockets. That’s the vibes I got from Scott, anyway.

Scott Bauer Reviews

I mean, who TF really earns $900k in a single f*cking day ($2.1m that month too) and thinks that they should be starting a course instead of trading again? And I know, options trading is risky AF so I understand retiring from it, but why dismiss it as something that can be safer than stocks trading when done properly? 

That’s what Scott says. He’ll keep pushing for you to trade some options using his strats when he himself seems to be done with it. I don’t buy it, just like I don’t believe the $900k figures that he could easily type himself in a spreadsheet. And yeah, that’s his proof BTW for the said figure, a motherf*cking screenshot of a spreadsheet that you can easily input bullsh*t numbers in.

Obviously, I won’t recommend Scott and his Prosper Trading Academy offers that could cost you up to $20k. Not when there’s reviews that you’ll be better off trading with your own style rather than following Scott’s loser trading signals. I also won’t work with someone who’ll likely put the blame on me on his sh*tty ass advice. “I’m confident that I can be your game changer but only if you show up and pay attention,” he says. More like there would be no problem if you’re at least half as good as you boast… so beam me up, Scotty. I’m out.

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