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Jeff Baxter swears that you’re one paid traffic campaign away from reaching the full potential of your business. He doesn’t want any biz to be a jack of all trades and master of none. Instead, he encourages biz owners to focus on what they do best, and let his team do the heavy lifting on setting up ads. This is his offer on Ad Ninja Pro, but it’s gone since then. Scroll below to know what he’s up to now.

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Currently, he switched from having a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) himself to teaching aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build one on their own. Might as well sing something along the lyrics of “just how fast the night changes” with how the ‘ol switcheroo is so quick to happen. He really wasn’t able to establish his own brand as a reputable SMMA, no social proof, not even a Trustpilot page, no nothing. Yet he’s out here saying he’s THAT guy, the go-to authority for everything SMMA. Cap.

In fact, he’s been recycling the few “display-worthy” testimonials from Ad Ninja Pro to be used as a review for the SMMA training program he named as Agency Mastery Academy. I already have doubts on his marketing expertise. I don’t think he’s “one of the most sought after media buyers in the world” like he claims that he is. Not when he forgot to proofread the only text-rich page of his program’s site and wrote “sough after” instead of “sought after.” He’s missing the “t” while I’m here spilling some “tea” about him. *wink*

I mean, even if he’s really good at marketing, it’s just wrong to use a testimonial that’s not really for the said program. If the praise for Ad Agency Pro is legit, it doesn’t mean that you can use the said praise to sell Agency Mastery Academy. This ain’t something you reduce, reuse, and recycle. They could be trash testimonials because they seem staged and posted only on Jeff’s affiliated sites and channels, but it doesn’t mean it’s recycle worthy. Don’t take it TOO literally, Jeff.

How about the features and so-called case studies that he’s flaunting on his site? They are mostly written by (none other than) Jeff himself. He doesn’t even try to hide this sh*t with a different pen name. The displayed name on Medium dot com is literally Jeff Baxter. It’s comparable to him sucking his own d*ck. And no, it’s not just him describing what his “students” and “clients” have to say about his offer, it’s also him straight up reviewing himself. F*cking LOL.

Jeff Baxter Review

For example, he had the audacity to pen this article titled “Jeff Baxter Review: 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Him To Grow Your Business.” I understand that we have to prop ourselves sometimes, but I believe it shouldn’t be in a way like Jeff does. The mentioned article is written as if he’s getting reviewed by another unbiased writer… Oh wait, he probably used a ghostwriter, that’s why. I have nothing against hiring such, but do take note that they’ll be biased AF to Jeff. Obviously, they won’t bite the hand that’s feeding them. Not blaming ‘em but Jeff. Like c’mon, stop being a misleading motherf*cker.

Ironic that he (or his ghostwriters) also wrote about doing your due diligence before signing up for anything. Yes, I did that. Done with the research and all. Unfortunately for him, what I’ve found out, and also what I haven’t found (like the social proof), makes this an easy conclusion for me. And that is, I don’t recommend any programs of Jeff Baxter at all. 

To cut the long story short, it wouldn’t be worth it to pay the cost of Agency Mastery Academy at $1,500. Especially not with the $5,000 price they’ll say as a “threat” when you don’t pay the initial figure on the very same day… yeah, even the salesperson behind Jeff’s programs is slimy AF. That’s without refunds too. Forget about Eminem and Slim Shady when there’s Jeff “Slick Shady” Baxter hustlin’ and lowkey scammin’.

Not even a fan of the business model he’s peddling, TBH. It’s like local lead generation but using Facebook ads.  Nah, I won’t learn Facebook ads from a guy who seems to stop setting ‘em up himself in favor of just selling a course. Unless you’re up for throwing money down the drain, I won’t recommend signing up for a program with a likely outdated strategy despite Facebook ads  having chaotic and frequently updated algorithms.

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