Beach Boss Influencers Review

Beach Boss Influencers

Beach Boss Influencers is advertised to fast track the expansion of your network as an influencer and use the said network to build a business and brand that you love. Its creators encourage you to join the program so you can experience the same transformation as them – struggling to make ends meet and feeling like a complete failure until they found a mentor that incorporates social media branding to their business. The result of better branding? Apparently, hitting six figures in their business.  Read this review to learn more about Beach Boss Influencers.

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Beach Boss Influencers is a multi-level marketing (MLM) program that offers training related to MLM and being a social media influencer. Specifically, the program is all about building your social media presence with network marketing in mind and leveraging that presence so you can recruit people to MLMs without settling on using outdated slimy sales tactics. The program was founded by a group of internet marketers including Brandy Shaver, Kat Krasilnikoff, Cari Higham, Adrian Lindeen, and Fran Loubser.

The introductory and cheapest course in Beach Boss Influencer’s product lineup is titled Social Recruiting Secrets. It includes five lessons that are titled as follows: Welcome to Beach Boss Influencer Secrets with Cari Higham, The Global Growth Formula with Fran Loubser, The Social Influence Initiative with Adrian Lindeen, The Influencer Status with Brandy Shaver, and Building a Brand with Kat Krasilnikoff. This plus bonus contents such as Social Engagement Swipe File and two coaching calls costs $13 for lifetime access.

The next course that costs higher at $49 for lifetime access is titled 90 days Social Influence Vault. The course’s main contents are done for you (DFY) templates with customizable fonts and images such as 30 DFY inspirational quotes, 30 stories templates, 30 days of Facebook lives, 30 engaging questions templates, and 30 sample marketing tips.  It also includes some video training behind the need for DFY templates such as The Benefits of Posting Engaging Questions and The Benefit of Posting Marketing Tips.

Finally, their most expensive and flagship course that opens your MLM opportunity is titled Influencer Beach. It includes The Ultimate Influence Library, monthly Deep Dive training, monthly live Q and A sessions, Influencer Scheduler, and access to a private support group. It also comes with bonuses such as two coaching calls, 15% off on Beach Boss merchandise, 30-day Social Influence Jumpstart kit, and Personal Accountability Beach Buddy pairing. All of this costs $997 for yearly access with 30 days “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

Beach Boss Influencers Review

Despite having an acceptable refund policy on all its offers, I am still not inclined to recommend their offers. For the mini-course, it is cheap, but you can still find the same information on other website for a cheaper price of $0 – completely free of charge. Same with their course that provides DFY templates, you can learn graphic designs from free video trainings (and using free software too) so you can create the templates yourself. Finally, their flagship course is just expensive and offers a business model cannot recommend. Basically,do not buy any of the Beach Boss Influencers’ courses if you are not going to engage in MLM at all. It is how to be successful at MLM first, then how to be a good social media influencer (that is still tied to MLM, mind you) second.

Speaking of MLM, it is just a business model I cannot suggest for several reasons. The most important one is the information from Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wherein 99% of MLM participants lose money. In fact, there is 38% more chances of you profiting from your own any kind of small business than joining these MLMs. To add, it is also not a good business in terms of sustainability and life span. This is shown in a statistics indicating 50% of MLM participants quitting within a year. Lastly, MLM usually acts as a cult with pressure that will strain your personal relationships and connections. In a survey, more than 25% of Americans said that MLM has ruined at least one friendship, while 20% said MLMs have affected their bond with a family member. Indeed, you can succeed at making money at MLM if you recruit enough people, but at what cost?

To conclude, Beach Boss Influencers  is not a scam. However, I do not recommend the program because of the business model it offers. If you only want to learn about building your brand as a social media influencer, I still cannot advise to take this course since the knowledge it imparts is tightly knit with MLM.

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