Is Beachbody an MLM?

You might have heard Beachbody from a friend or coworker, telling you that they might wanna try their supplements plus the aid of the program they offer, hoping that it can help them lose some weight. They may be one of their sales reps, a part of their marketing plan to make you feel interested and eventually recruit you, or it may just be pure curiosity, we’ll never know. But what in the world is Beachbody? Let’s all find out.

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Beachbody is an MLM company that offers health and fitness based products and programs founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon. Their headquarters is based in Santa Monica, California where the famous Muscle Beach is located. The company started off introducing their programs and supplements through infomercials – product promotions by companies that you will see on televisions. They then adapted the MLM business model in 2014 when they saw a rapid increase in sales due to distributors. 

They offer a wide variety of programs and supplements, each can cater the needs of an individual, may it just be an ordinary weight loss, muscle building, and many more. Their training coaches are those you might have seen in televisions and magazines because yes, they’re professional coaches that have been featured in various talk shows and commercials. To name a few are Tony Horton, Shawn T, Megan Davies and Autumn Calabrese.

It is good to know that they’re not like those companies that promise instant weight loss in a short amount of time just by digesting the products that they offer. Beachbody really is dedicated to help people not just with their health and fitness goals through their program but also giving opportunities to some people who want to earn additional income through direct selling, but at what cost? Let’s check them out.

To become one of their distributors, or Coach as they call them in the company, it costs $39.95 and they offer challenge packs that range from $140-$305 that contain different assorted health and dietary supplements and CD-burnt fitness programs. There is also a monthly fee of $15.95 which covers personalized website and back-end operations. This includes a starter kit, welcome book, 30-day access to your online office and business tools and paraphernalias to help you keep track and manage your business.

One of the basic ways to earn in mlm companies is through their retail commissions. A whopping 25% commission is given to coaches for each product sale they make. Another 50% commission incentive is given if they enroll a new member to their team beachbody membership. If the newly enrolled member bought a challenge pack, coaches can also get commissions that range from $40-$105 and another $30 for each member that enrolls in the Beachbody’s autoship program.

Having supplements that are not and will never be approved and certified by the FDA, there will always be some problems with these types of products. In 2013, Consumer Labs released a report about their Shakeology Greenberry about being not approved due to findings of lead contamination, but they denied the claim. And in a different type of case in 2017, they paid $3.6 million to settle a lawsuit from the city of Santa Monica over automated credit card renewals.

With the MLM business model, not just the company profiting but they also gave opportunities to people to help them earn even if just a little bit of income for a side hustle. It’s too good to be true, ain’t it? Because most mlm participants lose money rather than earn from it. All have membership fees before you join, some have monthly requirements to be able to stay active and earn commissions from, but what would you do if you didn’t make any sale? You’re the one who will fork that difference just to stay active.

Another thing is that they now focus on recruiting new affiliates for you to be able to earn “more” commissions based on their compensation plan. There’s only a limited number of people that you can connect with and you’re lucky enough if they take interest in joining such a setup. There is a high turnover rate in such companies since people don’t wanna risk jeopardizing their relationship with their loved ones, and I hope you’re one of them too.

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