BeautyCounter Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Cosmetic products are widely used by not just women, but also men. These products help accentuate one’s beauty to be perceived by the public, and if not, they use them to give themselves some confidence because as we all know, beauty starts with believing in yourself first. BeautyCounter produces and sells beauty products which they claim are different from any other brand. Let’s look altogether at how they were different from the others.

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BeautyCounter was founded by Gregg Renfrew in 2013. “I learned that the US only bans 30 ingredients from personal care products. I’d never considered that the products that I use on myself and my kids might not be safe. So I started BeautyCounter and set out to transform the beauty industry by creating clean, high-performing skin care and makeup”, said Gregg on her site’s bio.

Most if not all personal care, cosmetic, beauty and health products contain known toxins which can sometimes cause cancer, reproductive issues, hormone disruption and many more, and thus not good to oneself. Even mild symptoms like rashes and itchiness alarms the public and causes the product to decline in rating, what more if we’re already talking about serious diseases? Say goodbye, maybe.

Based on their website, they already restricted more than 1800 ingredients of personal care products to their items. They do all that while ensuring that the product does perform well if not better than any products that have toxins and chemicals. And as a mother and wife, who wouldn’t want themselves and the rest of the family safe from said unwanted ingredients? Of course everyone does, that’s why those products are called personal “care”.

It will cost you $50 to become a BeautyCounter Consultant. This includes your personal website for you to keep track of your business, business tools and paraphernalias, and customized training platforms for you to gain knowledge of the ins and outs of the company. Then there’s a renewal annual fee of $50 to keep access to everything included in the enrollment kit. You will also need to buy a starter kit that ranges from $79-$776 for you to try before spreading the word.

Retail commissions will earn you up to 35% as you generate more retail sales and the good thing is that you don’t need to keep an inventory of products. Customers just need to choose you as their consultant when buying BeautyCounter products from their website. But take note that to be qualified for commissions, consultants are subject to a 6-month personal volume of $1200. So it’s still either you sell many products or you buy it yourself to fill the requirements.

They also have recruitment commissions that allow you to earn up to $100 and are paid monthly when your recruited affiliate qualifies for higher ranks. It is worth taking note that you must be at the same if not higher rank than your recruited affiliate for you to be eligible for the commission. What kind of recruiter are you if you allow your recruits to be above you? Then maybe an MLM setup is just not for you.

BeautyCounter has a total of eight affiliate ranks and of course, personal and team sales matter if you want to climb up the ranks, as all MLM setup does. And as you climb up in ranks, you are very much welcome to earn more bonuses and rewards that the company has to offer like residual and generational bonuses that operate at a unilevel compensation structure. But still is your choice. You do you. Don’t just be a puppet on a string.

All is fine If you think you’re making constant sales and feeling satisfied by just selling products for a side hustle, but be prepared not to leave your 8-5 job anytime soon. MLM companies like this one assure you with financial stability but but the truth is you need to do a lot of demanding work, from selling their high-priced product to finding qualified affiliates to join your company. With all that said and done, 50% of all MLM participants quit within a year prior to joining.

BeautyCounter is not a scam. It is a legit company that has legit products, and a wide variety of that as we speak like makeups, lipsticks, body care, body wash, foundations and the likes for you to sell to your customers. But beauty products are already a worldwide niche used by other companies so it requires you to put up a little more effort than usual just to sell their products which are more costly compared to those that can be purchased on general stores.

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