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BeeKonnected Review

Social media is a place where you potentially earn money. You may have heard of different influencers who have leveraged their following into something profitable. But, for the most part, these people are often very good-looking especially with beauty influencers. It’s sort of easier to promote beauty products when the people using them are relatively attractive people. The same goes for fitness influencers. Often times, fit people tend to have a lot more followers. Hence, why they get to promote fitness products to their customers.

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But there are people who have created platform for like-minded people to connect with each other. One such person is Tonya Hofman and her social media platform BeeKonnected. I hadn’t really heard of Tonya or BeeKonnected prior to researching about their platform. Apparently, Tonya is the founder of the Public Speakers Association, which I guess is a platform where people can learn from each other so that they could become better motivational speakers?

Looking at the website for the Public Speakers Association, they seem to have managed to hold a few summits and conferences in the past few years or so. It doesn’t seem like they have updated the website that much. The website looks pretty modern. But there isn’t any new content from them since September 2021. I guess they haven’t found any funding for their events?

Like most social media platforms, you can join the BeeKonnected platform for free. You get post stuff like photos and videos on the platform. And everybody can see it. There’s also live events that you can watch on the website as well. But it doesn’t seem like they mention what exactly those lives shows are like. They make it feel like the features that the free tier has is revolutionary. Like somehow, none of the huge social media platforms allow you to add as many people as you want to be friends on the platform. Or that they have an app and website. Ooh… That’s amazing. I’ve never seen an app before.

There’s also a subscription that they refer to as the “Ambassador Membership.” You get a free two-week trial to try out the paid tier. But once the free trial expires, you have to pay $49 a month or $440 a year for it. It has some of the features the free tier has. But for Ambassadors, you can create your own public and private groups with your membership. You can also post images and chat with people those groups if you have a membership. I still don’t understand why these features are hidden behind a paywall.

Somehow there’s also an affiliate program when you pay for an ambassador membership. You can apparently earn $7.50 to $66 dollars for every successful referral and upgrade that happens. Is it worth the $49 monthly fee to earn a bit more money from a website that doesn’t really have that many features compared to other social media sites? No. I don’t think it’s worth it at all. An income potential isn’t worth it for an unknown platform.

Since they don’t show you what the actual BeeKonnected platform looks like, you can’t really tell if the design for it is good enough to warrant joining it. I already have too many accounts in different social media websites, I’m not going to sign up for another one. Especially for a platform that I wouldn’t really be using that or even at all. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok give you a better chance of reaching a bigger audience than a website that hasn’t really proven itself to be a viable option. Like, you have to become a paid membership for your posts to reach a larger audience. Oh, you mean targeted ads? A thing other platforms are already doing?

If it wasn’t obvious by now, I do not recommend BeeKonnected at all. If you want to get better engagement on other social media website, you should probably hire a marketing agency to do that kind of work for you. You’re going spend money on BeeKonnected anyway. Why not pay actual people who have that kind of expertise? At least they know what they’re doing and the understand how those platforms work. Sometimes you can’t do everything by yourself.

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