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Benzinga Options Review (Michael Murray)

Michael Murray

Michael Murray, the director of digital growth, is someone I usually see as a front man of Benzinga instead of its CEO. He’s out here interviewing leaders from various sectors and hosting podcast type of shows on YouTube to show off his company. Regardless, both of them, Michael and the CEO, are not the actual mastermind behind Benzinga Options that I’m going to review today. Why mention ‘em dudes, then? I’ll spill why in my review below.

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Expecting some tea? Oh boy, I got some for y’all and it’s going to be scalding hot. For those who expected otherwise, I’m talking about ‘em dudes at the helm being problematic to a level that I, yours truly, had to point it out. Yeaaah, they’re down bad. So, without further ado, let me go through my list, alright?

Let’s start with something that’s not directly related to Benzinga Options, but something to still consider when purchasing it or any product from Benzinga. This is the CEO’s erratic attitude. The usual is him not being felt at all, zero presence just like in the PR stuff. Other times, he’s just being the biggest douchebag to his employees by making them feel unwanted, then coming up with some “appreciation” BS the next. You know it’s bad when everything is better with him being hands-off.

Unfortunately, the things I mentioned above are not even the worst bit. Here’s where I spill the actual tea and it’s him, the CEO, being described as someone fawning over young female interns. Take note of the adjectives because this is, no joke, some dirty old man stuff combined with power tripping. C’mon now, satiate your horny ass somewhere else. Somewhere legal if I may say so. Not him doing that instead of fixing the toxic work culture he brought himself too, ugh.

Are you alright with buying Benzinga Options or any of Benzinga’s offers when it means supporting its shady CEO plus his leadership cohorts that are just as bad as him? Add to that thought is their notoriety of paying piss-poor wages and preaching culture over proper compensation. Like, what culture to be exact? An abusive one? The f*ck?

Speaking of wages, the sh*t I’ve heard about it is them, the leadership yet again, is all in on favoring fresh graduates and new hires in an attempt to get away with sh*tty pay. Like a past employee of theirs once said, “overworked and underpaid is the actual Benzinga way.” Not only is it wrong based on moral compass, it also adversely affects the quality of Benzinga Options. Like, instead of getting a proper advice from a true and experienced industry professional, you’ll get some sh*tty ones from the young bloods who probably know nothing about legit trade analysis other than ripping off info from other news sources.

All the things I’ve mentioned above are enough for me personally to not buy Benzinga Options. Heck, it’s even more than enough for me to stay the f*ck away from the company. If it isn’t enough for you, don’t worry because I got more. But please, let me do someone a favor first and describe what Benzinga Options is exactly. That “someone” I’m talking about BTW is the people who only heard about Benzinga Options here or outside its site and have no clue what the f*ck it is.

Benzinga Options Review

Sure enough, it’s just another trading signal service alert similar to Scott Bauer’s Power Picks. Something that claims, through a video starring Michael Murray as expected, an absurd 90% average win rate. Too good to be true, period. Regardless, the price of Benzinga Options is as follows: The cheapest choice out of the bunch is Benzinga Options Starter Edition that costs $97 a year for two trade ideas a month; next is Benzinga Options Enhanced Edition with at least four trade ideas per month costs $297 a year; and lastly, Benzinga Options Ultimate Edition costs $757 with at least three ideas per week.

The problem besides what I mentioned earlier? It’s the numerous complaints about them charging more than what they should charge. Like, for instance, charging someone with the cost of Benzinga Options Ultimate Edition when the unfortunate customer only bought the Starter one. To add, they’re also known for reneging on their money back guarantee and for the scummy auto renewal charges that deliberately go off without a notice, so you won’t be able to dispute the charges.

On top of that, they also receive some comments about having poor and unbothered customer service. Not surprising to hear it when the people on it are probably a victim of the “Benzinga way” too which is, again, being overworked and underpaid at the same time. Aaaand mic drop. Hope it’s enough for y’all to stay away from Benzinga like me, um-kay? 

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