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Trevor Berke Review

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Trevor Berke fancies himself as the “Credit God”. In fact, it’s his handle name on some of his social media accounts. In one of his online advertisements, he says that he has found a good and effective system that he uses to earn around several thousands of dollars consistently, every month. No experience, tech skills, confusing steps, or long hours required. He also claims that the business method is totally new, and is extremely easy to do. So what’s exactly he’s offering? The clue for the answer actually lies in his handle name…

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Trevor further states on the webpage that you don’t need to sell any products, have employees, or have prior experience to profit from this system. The entire method can be done in just three steps, and it’s so easy, even an 83-year old is making four times his annual income from home. It’s a couple of the usual sales pitches that you’ll hear from almost all online courses that you may encounter, so chances are, you’ve heard plenty of them already. But as you go along with his presentation, you’ll realize that it’s not really as innovative as Trevor claims to be.

All of this pitch is done to promote his Automation Edition training program to you. He says that through his “Money Leverage System” that he’s going to teach you here, you’ll be able to earn a lot of money online. But like I said before, it’s nothing really new. Trevor is actually teaching you how to set up your own credit repair business to earn money (hence the “Credit God” moniker). Specifically, removing false information from people’s credit reports.

He then further claims that there’s a fourteen billion dollar industry behind this new opportunity. Worried about industry saturation? Trevor’s got you covered, too. He claims that there are hundreds of millions of people who are always in need of credit repair services. And unlike other businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has actually helped the industry explode, he claims. Finally, he claims that this is so much better than investing in stocks, forex, and crypto because this business is as legitimate as it gets.

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In the Automation Edition training program, Trevor will teach you everything about how you can set up youronline credit repair business. He’ll help you attract people who would happily pay you to boost their credit score. He has prepared a lenders’ list you can give away for free on social media. Paste a link to the opt-in page, which he also supplies. Let technology automatically deliver the report and send a follow-up text message asking them to book a credit consult call. On the call, highlight all the bad stuff on their credit report. Offer to fix it for a fee. Do what’s required to fix it. Repeat.

And that’s basically the gist of this business model. It may seem to be more than three steps, but Trevor makes it sound so easy. But what if you don’t want to do all that tedious work of taking calls, talking to customers, etc. What if eventually, you’ll find that the credit consultation calls keep on pouring in (assuming your business works great)? Trevor also knows that. That’s why he also teaches you how to outsource and automate the entire thing. Thus, you can easily turn this business into a passive income stream so you’ll have more time to do other things like taking a vacation, etc., while still earning money. Or, at least, that’s what Trevor wants to think.

How much does Automation Edition cost? It’s $1,997 or three installments of $997. Sounds worth it, right? Well, not really. What I don’t like about Trevor Berke is that he presents setting up your own credit repair business like it’s easy. Which, in truth, actually requires a lot of work. And the income that you may receive here may not be as consistent as they present, unless you do plenty of marketing for your business. While it’s true that there are plenty of people who need credit repair services, there are also a lot more of those in the market today. Plus, these people will surely go to legitimate and reputable services. As someone who’s still new to credit repair, how can you make leads trust you? Of course, you’ll spend some money on marketing.

Finally, even if you decide on outsourcing this service, you’ll still devote plenty of time to hire, train, and manage your would-be virtual assistants for your business. Overall, the credit repair business idea may be good on paper. But it requires too much work in the long run. But you may ask. Is it possible to consistently earn a thousand dollars or more with less work involved? The answer is yes! To find out how, click on the link below.

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