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Nick and Megan Unsworth should be familiar names to you at this point. After all, they’re the founders of Life On Fire, a self-development training program that’s been making rounds around the internet today. This time, they now have a new offer to you, called Bestseller On Fire. It aims to teach you how you can write your own books and become a bestselling author out there in the shortest amount of time possible, even if your writing skills are subpar. It’s honestly a really bold claim, but can they pull it off? Let’s see in this review if this one’s legit.

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“We have some of the top experts in the world doing a three-part training. Each one is on Zoom. They’re ninety minutes apiece, coming up soon so don’t delay,” Nick says as he pitches the program on a YouTube ad of his. “We’re featuring Jack Canfield. He has sold his company. It’s a billion-dollar brand, he sold something like five hundred million copies of his books. And he’s gonna be there to teach and train how he did it and how you can too. We’ve got James Malinchak, who’s trained over a thousand authors, everyday people just like you, on how to write a book, publish a book, launch a book, and profit from a book.”

Plenty of people may worry that writing and publishing their own book may take a very long time. It’s common for book authors to wait about a year or more before their book gets published. But Bestsellers On Fire claims that they could speed up the process of writing, publishing, and launching your book in just 60 days at max, and still achieve a considerable amount of sales. In fact, when Nick wrote his first book back in 2014, it only took him two days to finish writing the book because his mentor was great. And when he launched it, he sold more than five thousand units in the first weekend, which got him listed as a bestseller.

“We’re gonna bless you with this free training,” Nick continued with his pitch on the ad. “And we all know, having a book is gonna fast-track your business. It gets you from where you’re at today to where you wanna be. And having a book gets you more authority, more influence. Having a book attracts more leads. You can increase your pricing. You’ll get on stages, you’ll get invited to in-person events, people will want you on their podcast. It’s a game-changer.” And as if to prove a point, Nick and Megan claim that after publishing their own book, their reputation steadily grew. They went from virtually unknown people in the industry to one of the most sought-after names by people that are willing to pay a lot of money for their expertise.

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Megan then further adds, “A book is kinda like having a new business card. It just puts you in a different category. And if you think about it, who do you admire? Who is one of your mentors or who’s someone that you follow online? If they’re a really big deal and they’re at the top of the industry, I bet most of ’em already have books, don’t they? Look at some of the best pastors and preachers in the world. They’ve got books. Look at some of the most successful entrepreneurs in any niche in the world; they have books.”

The YouTube ad then ends with Megan inviting everyone to register to the website of Bestseller On Fire. According to them, the entire training lasts up to three days. There’s also a hint of fake scarcity here, in that they claim that once the training program’s gone, it’s gone forever. Aside from the previously mentioned names, there are also some more special guests during the live training, including big names like Dean Graziosi, Julie Carrier, and possibly others. The three-day live training is free to attend to, but you can expect that you’ll be offered some upsells for personal coaching and such that can easily cost over a thousand dollars or so.

Personally, I don’t really trust this claim. Sure, you can have the best mentors in making books and publishing them, but it’s very unlikely that you can produce a bestseller in less than a month after receiving this training. Unless you did some heavy marketing and outsourcing to write your book. I’m not saying not anyone can write a book, however. But what I’m saying is that it’s going to take a lot of writing training and more than a month to write a bestseller. And what kind of book can you produce with just two days of training even with a good mentor? Something that’s full of grammatical errors? Maybe. Maybe not.

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