BetterUp Coaching Review (Cost, Concerns)

There are a lot of different coaching services available out there depending on the scale. You wouldn’t really have any trouble finding people who will help you be the best version of yourself. If you hear the word “coach” you would often think of a sports coach. It makes sense though. Sports coaches do want what’s best for the team that they’re coaching. They will tell you where you’re lacking and how you could overcome. The goal of any team and its coach is to win. The same could said about singular people or the entire organization chart at the company that you work at.

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BetterUp is a company to provides coaching services to individuals and businesses looking to get people to be their best selves whether in work or in their personal live. This company is not to be confused with BetterMe, which is another company that provides coaching services but is more focused on physical fitness. Similar names aside, BetterUp pretty much is in the realm of motivational coaching more than anything. The scale that BetterUp focuses on is a lot larger that you would think. I guess companies are always going to find ways to get people to work harder at their jobs.

That’s pretty much it for what kind of services that BetterUp provides. I do want to point that Prince Harry—yes, that Prince Harry—is the Chief Impact Officer for the company. I don’t know exactly what a chief impact officer does. But I guess he’s kind of a spokesperson of sorts for the company. It’s just a company that has tailored services based on the amount of people needed to be coached. They have individual plans for people who are looking to motivate themselves for work or their personal lives. BetterUp lets you talk with one of their coaches through their app. You start off with a 30-minute session with a coach to get to know each other. The length of the succeeding sessions depend on your subscription.

The cost for an individual subscription to BetterUp ranges from $89 to $279 a month. The subscriptions mainly to how many sessions you would like to do a month. The $89 tier only gives you one session for an entire month. The $119 tier gives you a total of two sessions a month. Basically, every two weeks, you have a session with your coach. The $279 tier gives your four sessions a month. So you’re basically catching up with your coach every week.

I think BetterUp is mainly being used by big companies. When I say big, I mean big. A lot of the well-known companies like Google and WarnerMedia avail of BetterUp’s coaching services every now and then. BetterUp does do one-on-one coaching even at that scale. But they also do group coaching sessions. With a company that has thousands of employees, they will need a lot of people as coaches.

Coaching is a relatively lucrative industry because there will always be an audience for it. There are actual places where you can learn to be a coach and get accredited for it. According to one of the blogs posted by BetterUp, career coaches in general can charge anywhere from $50 to $250 an hour for their servicing that’s not really bad. Though you could opt for a different way of charge depending on how frequent you’ll be coaching a certain company.

Still, $89 for just one session a month does seem like a lot for ordinary. It’s possible that you can have some compensation from your company if you tell them it’s for personal and professional growth. But it depends on your employer whether they consider it or not. If your company can afford to avail of BetterUp’s service, you might save yourself the trouble of purchasing a subscription.

It’s possible that the services that BetterUp provides can be helpful for your personal growth. Sometimes it all really comes down to vibes. I think everyone wants to achieve some level of success in life. And if career coaching is the thing that will help, go for it. There’s really no harm in trying. While $89 can be a lot for such a frivolous expense, it’s could potentially be helpful to you in the long run.

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