Beyond Just You Review

Trey and Mikaela Rivera

Trey and Mikaela Rivera first asks if you’re someone along the lines of an overwhelmed expert, entrepreneur, or business owner. And if you are, do you feel like you’re having too much to do with your business right now? “Are you sweating the details, suffocating in responsibilities, staring down a never-ending to-do list? Feel like all you’ve done is build yourself a high-stress job?” Trey asks. If any of these apply to you, then you’re in luck. The Rivera couple has an offer that’s especially for you. With this program, they can recruit, hire, and train your Perfect COO. The result? Less work, more money, more freedom.

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Trey then explains what you may be feeling as the owner of a business, whether big or small. “Maybe you’ve found yourself in a real-life game of Whac-A-Mole. You know, running from one fire to the next. Juggling multiple projects and wearing every hat in your business. Never having enough time to focus on what you love doing personally or professionally. You’re an entrepreneur. You’re a visionary. You’re great at two or three things in your business. But deep down, when you’re lying awake in your bed at night, staring at the ceiling, you know you’re not so good at everything else.”

“You know what I mean, the things you really don’t like doing. Things like administrative tasks, operations, client fulfillment, marketing, management. I bet you’re probably thinking of a few things I didn’t mention too. Your business is successful. It has continued to grow. And you’ve realized you can’t continue to manage every important detail on your own. So, what if instead, you had the Perfect COO? Someone who’s great at all the things you’re not. Who loves doing all the things you don’t,” Trey continues as he states the advantages of having a COO for your business.

Trey then finishes up with this statement. “And someone who can free you up to focus on high-value activities like growth, expansion, and strategy. It’s possible. You can stop working on all the icky, energy- and soul-sucking stuff that weighs you down, and instead, focus on the big projects that drive your vision and company forward. As a result, you’ll experience a more fulfilling life, allowing you freedom to stay within your zone of genius and unlock new growth opportunities. So you wake up and go, ‘Awesome, I gotta work on this today!’”

Kristina Ledang

Trey and Mikaela (along with a certain Kristina Ledang) call their program the Perfect COO Partnership Program. How it works is basically this. They will basically take of helping you look for a “second-in-command” position that’s perfectly suited for your business. A process they’ve already mastered doing for various experts, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Mikaela states, “Imagine bouncing outta bed each morning and dancing with excitement, knowing you get to be your magical, visionary self. That’s what the Perfect COO Partnership Program is all about. Through this, we’ve been able to help hundreds of business owners build their dream team, grow their revenue, and enjoy more freedom,”

The Perfect COO Partnership Program works on four principles: One, identifying who is the most suitable C00 for your business. Two, knowing how to recruit them. Three, how you can hire them. Four, how you can seamlessly integrate them into your business. And to be able to have this program work for you seamlessly, you also need to ask some questions for yourself. What do you want (and need) to get off your plate? What do you hate doing? What’s getting missed? And who matches this profile perfectly? Where do you find them? How do you screen for the cream of the crop? How do you get them to say yes to you? Last, how do you plug them into your day-to-day operations?

Beyond Just You’s Perfect COO program is a done-for-you service that takes away all the headaches and hassles that you have to think about when you’re looking to hire a second-in-command for your business. With this, you’ll be able to find one that perfectly suits the needs and nature of your business. There’s no mention of how much Beyond Just You’s Perfect COO program costs, but you can expect it to be extraordinarily expensive. Furthermore, to qualify, your business must be earning more than a million dollars in revenue annually. However, they claim that you can make back the investment the first month your new COO is actively working in your business. The testimonials the program receives from others look very promising, though.

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