Beyond Slim Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Multi-level marketing schemes are no strangers to this website. There have been a lot of different companies that employ a MLM-type scheme that exists in different industries and niches. From beauty products to even cryptocurrency, you can find at least a few multi-level marketing schemes if you look hard enough. One niche in particular is home to a lot of multi-level marketing-related companies. And that niche is health and wellness.

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It’s not really surprising that a lot of companies that use of multi-level marketing exist in the health and wellness space. For the most part, these companies mainly offer nutritional supplements rather than actual medicine that doctors prescribe to their patients. Medicine is much more regulated so it’s tougher for them to produce and market those kinds of products without facing scrutiny. But there is still some level of expertise required to create nutritional supplements. So the products aren’t necessarily bad, they’re just not as regulated.

Beyond Slim was founded by Ray Faltinsky. Ray isn’t really a newbie in the world of multi-level marketing. He has previously founded two other companies, namely L’dara International and Free Life. Unsurprisingly, both of them also operate in the health and wellness niche. Ray doesn’t seem to stray far away from what works. But it is interesting to see him create a new company that sells products in the same niche as his previous companies. There are only two products that Beyond Slim offers. ZipSlim, which is a powdered juice mix meant to aid in weight loss. And RS90, a nutritional supplement that’s meant to aid in skin rejuvination.

As with a lot of multi-level marketing schemes, Beyond Slim offers ordinary people an income opportunity when they become affiliate members. It’s pretty much a standard with most MLMs that you have join their affiliate program if you want to earn money. The cost of becoming an affiliate member, or Coach as they refer to them, is an annual fee worth $99. Beyond Slim allows you sign up for a membership first before you buy their products for selling. Two packs of ZipSlim that’s good for 30 servings each costs $239.90. You can choose if you want buy two of the normal version, two of the caffeinated version or one of both. It will obviously cost twice as much if you buy a month’s supply for two people. You do get a discount if you’re already a member.

You earn commissions by basically doing two things: recruiting other people to join the affiliate program and actually selling the product. In some MLMs, you will need to recruit a certain amount of people and sell a certain amount of products in order to actually be qualified for commissions. It seems that you get commissions as long as you sell those products nowadays. But it’s more likely that you do have to qualify first by recruiting people. In the case of Beyond Slim, you have to maintain one recruit and one customer who has chose to autoship the products. Autoship is basically a subscription service of sorts where you get sent the product every month.

That’s really the one way you can earn money from being part of an multi-level marketing scheme. You’re more likely to spend most of the money you earn towards buying more of the product. The commissions that you will earn from it aren’t really enough to be profitable. That’s always been the case for almost all of the multi-level marketing schemes that I have reviewed. There have been studies made about the effects of MLMs to the people who join them. Almost half of them lose money from being a part of a multi-level marketing scheme. A quarter of them basically break even from it. The other quarter do earn more than what they put it into. But people who earn more than $5,000 a year is less than half.

That’s the reason why I rarely recommend anyone to join any kind of multi-level marketing scheme. The amount of effort you’re going to put into that venture isn’t really worth it in the long run. You have a higher chance of losing money and ruining your relationships with other people if you join an MLM. There are probably a lot of better ways that you can earn money on your own terms.

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