Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review

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Vlad Biaheza, who goes by his last name on his social media handles, is a content creator and social media influencer. He is more active on his YouTube channel, which currently has around more than a million subscribers (and still counting). His channel consists of videos and other content that talks about various ways to make money online. These include stocks, cryptocurrency, various side hustles, and most prominently, eCommerce. And speaking of eCommerce, he’s also promoting his own Shopify dropshipping courses that claim to contain his strategies on how to succeed financially using that business model. But how legitimate is he? Let’s find out.

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At a young age of around 20 years old (he was still 18 when he made his featured video), he claims that he’s already earning seven figures due to his online marketing methods. He claims that he’s found great success in dropshipping, however. And it’s due to his success that claims to be his primary motivation for creating his own online course about dropshipping. He further claims that thanks to what he learned regarding dropshipping, he was able to build a multi-million dollar business, even when he was right in the comfort of his bedroom.

Biaheza further explains his online course. “Two years ago, I started this dropshipping course. I wanted to reveal my personal ecom strategies. People bought it, loved it, and I’m still getting DMs from people sending me Shopify sale screenshots from how much they’ve been able to make. All because of that first course. Version 1.0 focused on dropshipping using Facebook ads and Instagram theme pages. But now, two years later, Facebook ads have gotten strict and more expensive, and Instagram theme pages don’t work as well.”

But the good news, and the crazy paradox here, is that it’s actually easier to get into dropshipping now than it has been at any point in like the last three years. All thanks to the unforeseen rise of TikTok. I wholeheartedly believe we are currently in the golden age of TikTok ads. They’re still new, cheap, untapped, easy to use, but they’ve just been around long enough to where there’s users and the ad platform and algorithm is advanced enough to where you can use it to get sales,” Biaheza explains, regarding on the fact that thanks to the addition of Tiktok marketing, doing a dropshipping business can become easier.

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“I mean, it’s the Wild West. It’s like using Facebook ads in 2016, 2017. It’s a huge opportunity. Now as time goes on I’m sure TikTok ads will get more expensive and strict and regulated, but for now, again, it’s kind of that perfect golden period of time for TikTok dropshipping. And given my course has always targeted complete beginners, I sat down and spent a month structuring, filming, and editing this all-new course that’s focused on TikTok dropshipping. And I truly believe it’s the best way to get into ecommerce today.”

In this online course, Biaheza also discusses what products actually sell, and how to find and source those products, whether manually or using special software. You’ll also learn here how you can create a clean and professional-looking Shopify store by yourself. You’ll also learn here how you can leverage paid social media ads to promote your Shopify store. This doesn’t just cover Facebook ads, but also Tiktok and Instagram ads. These include setting up your own social media pages, how to generate traffic organically as well as through paid ads, etc.

All in all, Biaheza’s dropshipping course contains 9 modules, each containing a certain number of training videos. All in all, the entire course contains a total of 13 videos. While this may seem quite daunting, in reality, the entire curriculum is rather short. In fact, according to some sources, you can complete the entire course in around 1.5 hours. It’s also frequently updated, so the number of modules and videos included in the course may change at any given time. The cost for Biaheza’s dropshipping cost is $294.

Personally, Biaheza is a legitimate guy, and definitely won’t be scamming you with anything. After all, his content is quite informative, and not to mention fun. However, I don’t really think dropshipping is a reliable business model nowadays because of the intense competition that you’ll eventually face. While there’s a chance that you’ll get a huge amount of sales on dropshipping, there will be times that, despite your best efforts, you may be able to get a sale at all. But if you absolutely want to do dropshipping, there are better educational resources out there aside from this one.

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