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Biaheza Net Worth (Dropshipping Drama)

Dropshipping can be a way that people can earn money online. I have talked a lot about different dropshipping courses that I found online. Most of what gets talked about in these courses are almost exactly the same. If you have seen any video that relates to dropshipping on YouTube, you basically get the gist of it. There’s a chance that the content creator making those videos actually has a dropshipping course of their own. I get why there are a lot of courses out there being released by these creators. They have managed to cultivate an audience of their own. And they’re trying to find ways of monetizing their reach.

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I feel like a lot more people who get into YouTube are going to take the creator path. While it takes a fair amount of time to establish your channel and build an audience, creating stuff that you’re interested in can be a fulfilling career. A lot of people try to find different income streams so that they don’t rely on just a single thing. I guess that’s why you get a lot of people who get into e-commerce and dropshipping making their own channels on the platform. There are always people who want to earn money online but don’t know how to. And the people who have experience in e-commerce have valuable knowledge that they could share. That’s why you never really run out of content on the platform.

Once such person who made money from dropshipping and made videos about it is Vlad Biaheza. Biaheza is a 20-year old guy who managed to earn money from dropshipping. The thing that I noticed about a bunch of the people who have found success in dropshipping is that they are fairly young people. I get why it seems like it’s easier for some people in the younger generation to get into stuff like e-commerce. They were born in an age where the internet is a lot more commonplace. And so is e-commerce.

There isn’t really much about to be known about Biaheza’s personal life. He was born in the country of Belarus but he and his parents migrated to the United States when he was six. Since then, he pretty much started to find ways to earn money for himself. For somebody who was fairly young, he already had a hustler’s mentality. Because he sort of grew up in the age of social media, he also began to create these themed Instagram pages where hosted a bunch of other people’s photographs. Somehow, those pages started to get decent followings.

Still, there weren’t a lot of opportunities for people to monetize posts on Instagram back then, so Biaheza decided to work a retail job to have an actual steady income stream. He was still running those Instagram pages. When one of the pages reached 13,000 followers, he got the opportunity to do a shout out for a business for $10. Slowly but surely, he got more requests to do that kind of advertising on his pages. Surprisingly, most of the businesses that were request for those shout outs were using dropshipping.

Eventually, he ventured into the crowded space of e-commerce at the age of 17. He was now on the opposite side of it. Instead of doing the shout outs, he was the requesting other pages to do shout outs for his business. His venture into e-commerce didn’t work out great. He went back to building an audience for his themed pages, but this time he’s leveraging the popularity of it to potentially advertise his business on it. And that’s called synergy.

When he was about to go to college, he thought that e-commerce would be a great way for him to pay for his tuition. He still had those Instagram pages and he was earning at least $500 a month from it. He managed to have a sizeable audience that he could possibly try the whole e-commerce thing again. This time, it worked. The first day worth of sales was equal to the floor of what he would have normally earned from a month of handling those Instagram pages. His first month of sales was at least $30,000.

As Biaheza found more ways to advertise his business, the sales from his e-commerce grew and grew. Within a few months, he earned his first six-digit amount on sales. It seemed that e-commerce was now a viable option for him. He took a break from college and started to make videos on YouTube to teach people how to start a dropshipping. That’s a fairly common story among all of them. He then went on to start his own dropshipping course. It’s no wonder that he now has a net worth of $1.7 million dollars.

To this day, he still makes videos on YouTube. In May of 2022, he made a video about Andrew Tate. And it seemed like the people who are a part of Andrew’s online platform Hustlers University took wind of it. They decided to comment bomb on a lot of his videos as retaliation. Biaheza uploaded a response video shortly after that whole thing. Fast forward a few months and a lot of platforms decided to ban Andrew Tate. It’s a whole thing.

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