Big Mike (Unpolished) Net Worth

There have been a lot of personalities that became known for their appearances on any kind of series, for better or worse. Sometimes, people are a lot more familiar about the role an actor played than their actual name. It happens quite a lot especially if you have spent years playing that character. Often people have lot more attachment towards the character than the person who played it. That just means that the actor was good at playing that character. Although, I can’t really say the same for people who become known for their appearances on a reality series.

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Aside from scripted shows, reality shows like the ones that featured soon-to-be-moms from Australia who are into name brand clothes and fancy jewelry or people who repossess cars and other valuable property can give anybody their fifteen minutes in the spotlight. With so many reality shows being made, there are a lot of real people that you can get attached to. Something about how they come across on-screen will make the audience hate or love them. I personally don’t watch a lot of reality series. I have seen a few episodes here and there. But I never really watched a full season of those shows.

One reality series that I haven’t really heard about until now is Unpolished. The series focuses on a family in Long Island who own and operate a nail salon. Get it? The title of the show is a pun based on the fact that they own a nail salon. The people that the series focuses on is the Martone family, specifically Jennifer and her two daughters Bria and Lexi. Bria and Lexi’s grandmother previously had her own hair salon, but as she grew old, her customer base has sort of dwindled. Thankfully, her granddaughters had an interest in cosmetology which they started a nail salon.

A nail salon is lot easier to handle than a hair salon. With a hair salon, you really needed to have some background in hairstyling in order to succeed in it. Considering that there’s less of a mess in running a nail salon. If you have ever seen any kind of reality series, you know that there is often drama involved in those shows. Even though reality shows often remain unscripted, the editing is how they bring tension into the show. Handling a business can be tough and sometimes there can be drama mind from it.

While the show does focus primarily between the women in the Martone family, Jennifer’s husband Mike often gets featured in the show. People in the show, even the fans, lovingly call him Big Mike. I was trying to find clips of him on YouTube. But unfortunately I could find much. It was through one clip in particular that I found out that Big Mike died of cancer during the height of the COVID-19. In a clip that aired during the season 2 premiere of the series, Jennifer mentioned that they didn’t really know that he had stage-4 cancer until after they had him take some tests.

Big Mike ran his own plumbing business in Long Island so the Martone family had different income streams. It is estimated that the Martone family has a net worth of about $1,650,000. Before Big Mike had died, they were planning the wedding between Bria and her now-husband Matt Mancuso. Considering that the production for that season happened just before the pandemic started, it seems that they had managed to film enough content that could fill an entire season. Shows in general have a smaller number of episodes being produced.

It seems that there haven’t really been any news regarding a renewal for another season of Unpolished. Sometimes it takes a while for networks to announce whether a show is renewed or cancelled. There are times that networks won’t even say that. You just kind of notice that their show stopped airing for some reason. Still, it seems that the Martone family is still doing pretty for itself and managed to bounce after having to close their salon due to the pandemic. It was a rough time for a lot of businesses. Almost every kind of service industry were affected by it.

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