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John Charles Wilker may seem to be an average guy for many of us, and for the most part, he is. However, he claims that he knows a new business idea that anyone can do to get out of the 9-5 grind. And he claims that it has numerous benefits compared to working a full-time job. Low competition from others? Check! Giving you the ability to set your working hours? Check! Letting you earn money that’s more than a full-time job, while being able to work in part-time hours? Check! It sounds interesting, right? So let’s learn more about it in this The Simplest Biz review.

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The Simplest Biz is an online training course created by John Charles Wilker. Its name was chosen because, as the creator said, it’s one of the easiest businesses one can do. But despite its claim of simplicity, it has the potential to make a huge amount of profit. In this online course, you’ll be taught how you can make money successfully by flipping industrial supplies. Specifically, pallets.

What is pallet flipping, you ask? Pallets are those flat structures that you usually see on delivery trucks, ships, or anything that transports large amounts of goods. Their main purpose is to provide a flat surface for much easier transfer of various heavy cargo from one transport to another. Usually, these pallets are technically one-time-use items. Once the goods contained on them are transported from the production warehouse to retail, they’re usually stored away and aren’t used again.

But there’s actually a great demand for these pallets because billions and billions of cargo are being moved around everytime. And pallet orders are placed in great amounts week after week. This is where a business opportunity can be found.

The idea for The Simplest Biz is that you’ll be a middleman for these industries. You can easily get these pallets for an extremely cheap price, sometimes even free. Then you can sell them to other industries, or even individuals, that need those pallets, and potentially make a profit.

For example, a single wooden pallet can be bought for a single cent, or even gotten for free. And depending on the industry or individual needs, it can be sold for at least a dollar. It might seem like small numbers for starters. But if you take into account that you can get several hundreds of these pallets and sell them all, the profits you can get are large enough to be significant.

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John himself has been in the pallet flipping industry for 23 years, since 1998. He loved pallet flipping as a side hustle because not only did it help him earn a good amount of income, but he can also have more time to do the things he love. and this is why he believed that this is one of the best businesses one can do today.

The Simplest Biz online course contains a total of 13 training modules. Each module contains learning videos and images, as well as PDF learning documents. The training modules aim to teach you everything that you need to know about the pallet flipping business model. From how to scout for places where you can get your pallet supplies for free (or from a very cheap cost), to how you can set the price to your pallets, and even a bonus module on how you can hire a broker.

In addition to the modules, members will also have access to a private Facebook group for more training, as well as downloadable docs, even more specific training videos, etc. You’ll also have access to The Simplest Biz store, where you can purchase some optional enhancements to your business like done-for-you websites, scouting software, etc. It costs $2,797 to join The Simplest Biz training program. But on some special occasions, you can access the course for a lower price which is $1,997.

Personally, pallet flipping can be a good business idea, but it’s not really as easy as John tells here. There are several things that you have to take note of before you start buying and selling pallets around, such as demand, transportation costs, and even storage for your pallets (should you fail to sell some of them). And based on my personal experience, plastic pallets are favored more by most companies instead of wooden ones, and only a few of them are even willing to part with their plastic pallets, so securing a good inventory may prove to be a challenge.

Overall, pallet flipping by itself is a rather labor-intensive business. Which many people may not mind as long as it can give you a good amount of money. But that’s the thing. Unless you live near a pallet recycling plant or the place that you scouted for buying or selling pallets is quite near to you, you may not get a good return of investment by following this business model. The only upside of this business model is that you can be your own boss in this. But then again, there are other better businesses you can do instead of this. Something that requires less physical labor on your part.

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