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BJK University Review (Bashar J. Katou)

Bashar J. Katou

Bashar J. Katou had lost his restaurant to a fire before, leaving him in $500,000 in debt. The only way to pay the said debt is either years of work at a 9-5 job or starting a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) business that may or may not succeed. He chose the latter and was very successful in it, making him not only debt- free but also a seven-figure entrepreneur working on his own terms. He then created BJK university to give back and help those who are currently experiencing the struggle he experienced before. “If you are struggling or you want to get out of the rat race, then this is the right option for you,” Bashar argues. Interested? Read this BJK University Review first to know if joining this program is worth it.

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BJK University is an online training program that strives to equip its students with necessary skills and knowledge to create, run, and manage a profitable Amazon FBA business. It was founded by Bashar J. Katou who claims to be an Amazon seller first, Amazon coach second.

From their site, the business strategy is mainly about using private label in FBA. Basically, you will buy a generic product and you will put your own brand on it. The strategy is mainly taught in a step-by-step video lecture and includes other topics such as researching hot-selling products, finding quality suppliers, how to negotiate prices, how to run Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) Campaigns, how to optimize your listing, and how to automate your store. With the said training, the program claims a possibility of earning up to $10,000 on a single product alone.

A single product is not ideal to Bashar, however. For him, it is better to have more products to offer. The justification for this is with more products means better odds of hitting a bestseller. According to Bashar, it also makes the business more stable and easier to scale. This is also included in their video lecture.

From their site, the full cost to join the program is not obvious. They offer an introductory “get your feet wet” course that cost $7 with fast action bonus such as Bashar’s product research criteria responsible for over 20 million in sales, 4 ninja techniques on how to locate profitable products, and step by step on how to differentiate your product from the competition. However, the full program that includes the lectures that discusses Bashar’s strategy mentioned earlier, coaching, and an access to an exclusive community group costs $3,800 upfront. This is way too overpriced, in my opinion.

To add to the program’s ridiculous price, their refund policy is not assuring either. For you to be qualified for a refund, you either must request the refund within 3 days of purchase or request if you are still not over 30% of the course (applicable if you did not qualify for the former). Three days is too little time to assess the course if it is worth it. Same with less than 30% of the course, too little information to know what is up. Thus, the “no questions asked” money back guarantee plastered on their sign-up page is not entirely true.

BJK University Review

There are also complaints on the quality of coaching. It is either very bland response from them when asking questions or them being more of a life coach. With the steep price of the course that is advertised as a training program to make money in Amazon FBA, this is not acceptable. People sign up for this because they want a financial coach, not a therapist.

It is also important to note that private label and starting a business in Amazon FBA in general is not for everyone. For the private label, using this strategy is not recommended for beginners who have no means of establishing their brand properly through extensive ad campaigns (not only PPC) and marketing. Also, the cost in starting an Amazon FBA in general is too steep at $10,000. Beginners and expert alike, it is not recommended to start FBA at all due to high investment requirements, but very low profit margin. The market of said business is also very saturated which makes the probability of making money on FBA very low at 30% according to studies.

In conclusion, it is not worth it to join BJK University. The course is way overpriced for the value it offers plus you cannot ignore the issues on refund policy and coaching methods. The business model is also not for everyone because of its high investment requirements but very low profit margin.

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