Black Digital Blueprint Review (Danielle Holmes)

Danielle Holmes

Danielle Holmes, founder of Black Digital Blueprint, caught my eye for some unusual reason. No, it’s not because of her curves that she always flexes on her ‘gram. Instead, what I notice is her frequently missing a letter in her PR stuff. And no, I don’t think I’m nitpicking the smallest of things for nothing. The most notable mistake is not just a random misspelling… It’s her own effin’ name that she spelled wrong! I’ll continue the story plus review her Black Digital Blueprint below.

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So, back to the story first. The said mistake doesn’t make any sense at all because one, it’s her name (duh!); two, the error is not on some obscure page (it’s actually upfront Black Digital Blueprint’s site) to justify the lack of proofreading; and three, it’s super-duper rare to see a name Danielle spelled as “Daniele” and yet, she still manage to write it as the latter.

Funny how missing a letter “L” gives her an L in return. To me, at least, it’s a big fat one even since I’m allergic to anyone that lacks attention to details. Creates unnecessary confusion too that other sites already refer to her using the misspelled name. Like c’mon, who the heck wants that?

So, there you have it, a story that previews who Danielle is. It’s also a telling sign, not a good one if I may add, of what to expect with her Black Digital Blueprint. Don’t tell me otherwise because, as I mentioned earlier, she’s the founder of the said Blueprint. She’ll definitely have some (bad) influence on the course’s quality one way or another. Anyhow, let’s start talking about the course in detail, shall we?

Black Digital Blueprint is a self-paced online course that covers eCommerce in six modules. Specifically, it’ll teach you how to get a booming online store using Facebook and Instagram ads. According to Danielle, the training you’ll get on setting up the said ads is suited not only for your own online store, but also on running the backend ops for someone else’s store. Sort of a fallback plan if you can’t start your eCom biz right away. And yes, the course mainly caters to POCs or so she says.

The first two modules of Black Digital Blueprint revolve around identifying your target customers, creating their profile, and triggering a certain emotion in them to increase sales. Meanwhile, module three contains lessons on the ad copy used by Danielle herself to generate consistent five-figure days.

Modules four and five are where lessons on setting up Facebook and Instagram ads make their debut. In particular, the info here is about understanding Facebook Business Manager dashboard, creating an actual ad in the two platforms mentioned, and using data analytics for building an audience and retargeting. Lastly, module six is all about outsourcing for cheap.

That’s it. That’s basically all of Black Digital Blueprint’s modules content. For something that marketed itself as an online course for eCommerce, the training is absurdly lacking. Bitch really put up minor topics like customer profile in its own separate module, but got none on how to get started on eCommerce. Is an LLC needed? Where’s the talk about product and supplier research?

Black Digital Blueprint Review

Oh wait, this b*tch apparently doesn’t believe in product research at all. Oh lawd. This is so bad of a delusion for an eCommerce mentor. Like today’s scientist believing that earth is flat type of bad. Given the saturation of eCommerce, you can’t be successful in the industry with JUST vibes. You only do that if you like flushing your money down the drain.

The worst part of it all? That very short and inadequate training plus limited 60-day access to a Facebook community and live Q and A in Black Digital Blueprint cost a whopping $5,000! And yes, once the 60 days is up, you’ll have to pay her $100 every month again to continue your access. The f*ck is this absurdly overpriced BS? 

She’s so bad and out of touch with realistic pricing that I’ll believe the misspelling of her name I mentioned earlier is caused by her being THAT dumb. Not a far-fetched theory given her stance on research. Or maybe, she’s both dumb and shameless con since she’s offering this sh*tty overpriced course to POCs that she got roots with. Like a rapper once said, “it be ya own n*ggas.” Sigh. Of course, I’m not recommending Black Digital Blueprint. Not over my dead body.

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