Robby Blanchard Review

Robby Blanchard

Robby Blanchard claims that you can generate $1000 per day online with affiliate and digital marketing. According to him, anyone can make money online easily if you follow a successful mentor like him. Learn more about him in this Robby Blanchard review below.

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Robby Blanchard is a popular digital marketer and founder of Blanchard Media, a digital marketing company that provides clients with marketing services such as campaign management, affiliate marketing courses, and mentorship. He was named top affiliate for ClickBank in 2019.

In his site, it is indicated that Robby was once a gym owner. He had this old-school brick and mortar mindset before from living in a small town in Massachusetts. After graduating, he pursued his passion for fitness and exercise science by opening a gym named CrossFit Reach. Owning such business has been an eye-opener to him. He learned that he needs to put extra effort to make his business gain and retain customer. He then tried his luck on advertising on Facebook and found he had a knack for it. Soon enough, he was able to grow his CrossFit gym into one of the profitable gyms in the country through his experimentation on Facebook ads. He also tries his hand in Affiliate Marketing and was successful in it as evident from his ClickBank award.

His company promises a method for creating highly effective ad campaigns that can grow businesses like clockwork. After all, Robby claims to have “cracked the Facebook code” so you can trust him and his company. With his Commission Hero program, he claims that you can replicate his success in internet marketing. Basically, it is an affiliate program with a simple 3-step system that can enable you to generate $1,000 a day.

The cost of the core training course in Commission Hero is not that bad at $997. However, you need to purchase the upsells included in the program to get the full experience. Upsells like inner circle membership and one on one coaching can cost you up to $10,000. That is quite expensive and not a beginner-friendly price at all. This is one of the reasons I really cannot recommend Robby Blanchard and his course despite his impressive accolades.

Another reason to steer clear from Robby is him promoting ClickBank products. It is known that ClickBank is full of “shiny objects” – products that promises ridiculous claims such as five figure sales a day on autopilot. In reality, such products are low quality or downright useless once bought. One notable example is Robby promoting Ted’s Woodworking, a course that claims to be the highest converting woodworking site on the internet. Turns out, it is a very infamous course that steals other people’s woodworking plan and selling it as their own. He also promoted several questionable programs on ClickBank such as ClickBank University, Leptitox weight loss supplement, Cinderella Solution weight loss program, Halki Diabetes remedy, and Flat Belly Fix weight loss program. An affiliate marketer promoting low quality and fraudulent products just for the sake of making sales is not good for Robby’s reputation at all.

Robby Blanchard Review

Affiliate Marketing is also not for everyone contrary to what Robby claims. A lot of reviews actually noted that they lost more money than they earned since affiliate marketing is not well-suited for them. Being good at negotiation and closing deals is something you achieve through experience and not solely from training programs Worst, there are reviews that acknowledged Robby as a great internet marketer but a bad instructor. If you cannot get good overnight with a good program that discusses affiliate marketing, then the chance of getting results is much worse on a program rated as “confusing” and “nothing but a sales pitch.”

Aside from Facebook ads not being the recommended starting avenue to gain traffic, there are also complaints on how employing Robby methods in Facebook ads has led to banned ad accounts. This is not all Robby faults though since Facebook does not really approve of ads that link directly to affiliate offers. Due to pandemic, the shortage of human reviewers had worsened so the algorithm is set to be extra tight. This cause issues on unnecessary shutdowns of accounts which waste your time and financial investment by a lot.
Still, Robby could have taught free alternatives on gaining traffic such as Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is free but still accounts for 97.7% of top blogs and websites. It is also not plagued by complaints on being nightmarish due to very strict advertising policy like Facebook.

To conclude, I rather skip programs from Robby Blanchard. Him promoting low quality and useless products just to make sales alone makes him not trustworthy at all. After all, there are mentors with better reputation and better course than Robby’s.

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