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Michael Blank Reviews

Michael Blank

Michael Blank is usually making a duck face, pointing fingers at you, or both. Why is he like that, I really don’t know. What I know is that he’s completely biased with multifamily properties, apartments in particular, and he’ll show you why in his coaching programs. “My mission (and passion) is to show people how they can become financially free in the next 1-3 years (and often much sooner) by doing their first apartment building deal,” he states.

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Michael didn’t start out as an entrepreneur and investor on multifamily properties, though. He got a heart for that, but it took him a while to figure it out. Having a computer science degree, it’s expected for him to work in the tech industry first. He actually did. Specifically, he joined a software startup called webMethods.

Not only did he immerse himself with software development, he was also able to do marketing and sales there. Eight years later, he just found it… boring. No bad blood with the company whatsoever, he even describes his experience there as something he’ll never forget. Still, he left. He really tried getting on to other tech-related ventures, but he just can’t find any that’ll excite him.

That’s the end of his stint with the tech industry. But hey, what they usually say, when one door closes, another one opens. He slammed the doors shut on his previous thang for good, and that (plus reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad) made him realize that he should be chasing for passive income, not “some money in the bank.”

Passive income, you say? Of course, he’s talking about real estate. He got started with it alongside a restaurant biz, but I’m more concerned with real estate and that only. After all, what he’s teaching is how to flip (and invest in) apartments, not how to flip some pizzas. Also, those restos are apparently no more, sold for a hefty loss in particular, as its operation got hit hard by the recession in ‘09.

So, what’s the fuss about his real estate thang, then? Well, he started out renting out single family properties, but didn’t like it because it’d take about fifty houses in his portfolio to hit his target income of $10k a month. Hence, his switch to multifamily investments. Since then, he just can’t stop sucking it to death. Kinda explains the duckface if you ask me.

In all seriousness, thanks to attending a Dave Lindahl boot camp, he managed to launch his apartment investment career in ‘07. He probably got inspired by Dave so much that he also started offering his own coaching programs soon after. From no excitement in software startups to having too much, huh?

If you’ve read my review on RE Mentor, you’ll know that being associated with Dave is no bueno. I mean, one should NOT be modeling their programs after a guy with “another company trying to make money off of you.” That’s my two cents, alright. That said, is Michael playing the same dirty game as Dave?

Michael Blank Reviews

I would say yes to a certain degree. He’s not as notorious for having crappy programs, but a bit of digging here and there shows he’s offering one. For instance, let’s hear from a Brooklyn-based investor in Jeffrey. What he bought is only Michael Blank’s Ultimate Guide to Apartment Buildings at a price of $2,997, yet he’s out here assuming the worst for his premium coaching offer that cost around $25,000. Jeffrey is like that because he’s not happy, not one bit, with the former.

Here’s why: First is the sh*tty support. According to Jeffrey, he waited two long weeks for his inquiry to get answered. Worse, he waited in vain as Michael’s response was rather unsatisfactory. Next is the sh*tty training videos. If it’s not something you can watch on YouTube for free, it’s plagued with ads to sign up for his upsells, including the $25k coaching. Third is the sh*tty website. Sh*tty as in they’ll set you up with one full of 404 errors and missing files.

F*cking yikes. Quite frankly, that’s what I’d expect from a guy mentioning Dave Lindahl proudly. As they put it, birds of a feather flock together. Thus, I won’t recommend any of Michael’s paid programs. Heck, maybe not his free stuff too because I’m personally not down with apartment investments. Not with the current US housing market, and not when you can do a much safer online biz like the one below.

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