Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine Review (Expensive)

Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine is something I’ve already talked about. I’ve mentioned how it’s not-so-affordable before in a review. Now, I would even go so far as to say that it’s hella expensive, especially its price without discount. Why pay thousands when you can learn the juicy deets from the course right here? Scroll to my review below to see what’s up.

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You might say, “Oh Jessie, It’s just a phase, er, the phases again!” I’ll tell ya, it’s not. I ain’t recycling sh*t, reviews can’t choke ‘em turtles like plastic. In other words, the deets I’ll be talking about here are not the phases, but the core concepts that shape the course. Like, what made Blog Growth Engine THE Blog Growth Engine.

First, let’s talk about what Adam means with “blog like a startup”. While I already mentioned before how it’s about treating your blog as a biz rather than a hobby, it’s definitely more than that. Because again, it’s not just any other biz, but a startup.

Just like in a startup, you, an aspiring creator of a money maker blog, should be fearless in just putting things out. Don’t wait for the “perfect”, just test the waters with a rather “acceptable” product and take advantage of customer feedback. No such thing as perfect in the first iteration, anyways.

Treat your content like a prototype, let the peeps speak the truth on it, and listen. This way, you’ll know if your thang has potential. Alternatively, this will prevent you from wasting too much effort and money on unsalvageable garbo. In Blog Growth Engine, they call this the “Lean Startup method”.

In relation to not waiting for the perfect [in startups],  there’s a method in Blog Growth Engine called “Minimum Viable Post”. With this method, you’re encouraged to create blog posts that are just good enough to publish. Not bad, not necessarily good, but just enough.

While your piece might not bag you a Pulitzer prize, it won’t cost you too much time to make. Instead of spending hours on research and writing, you could just focus on creating ones that are short and simple to create. Maybe not you, but an underpaid ghostwriter from overseas. Pumping out tons of content like issa sweatshop… Oh shoot, did I just say the quiet part out loud?

That’s blogging like a startup, alright. How about this “Content Assembly Line” concept of Adam, then? Well, just like the OG assembly line conceptualized by the man behind Ford, Content Assembly Line means breaking down the blog content creation process into smaller tasks. If the OG concept is meant for cars, Adam’s is meant for blogs.

Instead of one person doing all the work, it’ll be multiple people. The goal is to make the process quicker and cheaper [something about underpaid peeps I’ve mentioned earlier]. While it might be quicker to churn out contents this way, it might also mean lack of consistency and uniqueness with the output… Def something to think about if you want a biz that you can be proud of.

Finally, a rather contradictory concept from what I’ve mentioned above is Adam’s “Authority Flywheel”. It means creating high quality content and building relationships with other bloggers to gain credibility. Keep it up and like a flywheel, you’ll gain more and more authority. In turn, you’ll have an easier time attracting readers and earning more backlinks.

Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine Review

Nevertheless, are these concepts worth paying the price of Blog Growth Engine at $1,497 [or a whopping $3,800 without discount]? Quite frankly, I say NO, I don’t think so. Not when Adam’s own blog site is on the decline these past few years. It’s basically dead if he’s not paying a crap ton of money for Google ads.

Point is, his methods are more or less a one hit wonder. It worked for some time until it didn’t. Won’t really matter to him as he’s getting the chunk of his stacks from course sales and affiliate commission. But it’ll definitely matter to aspiring bloggers like you. Obviously, I won’t suggest following someone and their sinking ship.

In addition, I won’t suggest the course as the dude behind it is shady. Besides pulling a “fake it ‘til you make it” BS, he also maliciously touts services that’ll give him the juiciest commission as the best option [even if it’s not] and recommends it. As long as he’s cashing those affiliate checks, he doesn’t mind whether y’all succeed or not. Not my typa coach!

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