Allie Bloyd Media Review

Allie Bloyd Media

Allie Bloyd knows the typical pain of local entrepreneurs— not being good enough in marketing the business that means the world to them. Which, BTW, is something not to be ashamed of. While it’s frustrating, you’re just human for not being able to keep up with all the trends in this ever-changing digital landscape. The usual options are not that great, which is why Allie Bloyd Media chose to do things a lil bit differently. Review below.

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As a former marketing director of Skyshield Roof & Restoration Services and Builders Surplus, Allie knows that outsourcing freelancers can be a hit or miss. More of the latter, actually. They’d be promising home runs to get the job but can’t even hit singles in reality. The constant back and forth is tiring too. Like, who has time AND patience for that?

Then, you might consider a typical agency. You look at the prices, and now you’re NOT considering it anymore. Expensive, as in break the bank typa spending, yet you have zero idea if it’ll give you real, tangible results.

With Allie Bloyd Media, Allie promises certainty. You want consistent leads, exposure, and sales? Fret not, ‘cause Allie and her nine years of marketing experience got you [or so she claims].

Now, hold up, how did she end up with extensive experience in the first place? Well, it all started in her first “big girl” job back in the year ‘11. She was initially stoked with the prospect of writing and marketing for local businesses, but her boss had other plans. She’ll do sales instead.

She recalls, “I thought that selling was the LAST thing I wanted to do.” It wasn’t in her “nature”. But money moves people and Allie was no exception: “But, after hearing about the commission potential, I decided to give it a shot!” I feel like we can all relate to that. And it’s just sales— no shady stuff, no selling her soul to the devil, whatsoever.

The strategy she developed revolves around using social media. She claims it was frowned upon back then ‘cause it’s different from the way it’s always been done. Jokes on ‘em haters, social media would eventually be vital to most, if not all, business operations.

In addition, it becomes her mission to not only create innovative marketing strategies, but to also remove the disconnect between marketing and sales. This is the mission she’s trying to accomplish through Allie Boyd Media. About that…

You could let the company handle every aspect of your marketing and sales, so you can focus on what you do best. If you want them to train your team with the “Allie Bloyd Media” way instead, that’s an option as well. You can choose whatever.

Want to attend a mentorship yourself? She has that too. For instance, there’s Local Marketing Mastery. It’s a twelve-month mentorship program that covers topics on landing pages and sales funnels, Facebook and Instagram ads, content plan, and even sales process and follow-up campaigns.

Allie Bloyd Media Review

The program materials here are yours to keep forever, but not the access to coaching calls and community. If you want the said access to go beyond the twelve months, it’ll cost you more than the initial payment of this Allie Bloyd Media’s offer, that’s around $6,000. Pricey, I know, but she has cheaper ones at $47 where she’ll cover the basics.

I don’t have problems with Allie, only with the Facebook ads she’s preaching. While it’s not quite dead, it’s somewhat on life support now. It’s too costly for something that gives poor organic reach in return. Not worth it, IMHO.

It’s not that no one uses Facebook anymore. Admittedly, I still use it, albeit occasionally. Hey, don’t @ me! But the thing is, my impression with Facebook ads has never been good on a personal level. Seems like every ad I stumble upon are fake, malicious sites. And I’m not alone in saying that they’re all over the place. So, even if you and your ads are legit, I, along with many others, would simply skip them. And you know what, maybe you should skip using it too for ads.

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