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BNB Riches Review (Noelle Randall)

Noelle Randall

Noelle Randall needs to fix something in her website. Okay, maybe not actually her, but the devs in charge of it. I mean, a very busy entrepreneur slash YouTuber like her won’t probably be bothered doing that themselves. The thang that needs some fixing? It’s the page of her BNB Riches course. I’m pretty sure listing the price as thousand bucks more expensive than the actual figure is not an intended feature. Whatever. Let’s just review the said course, shall we?

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BNB Riches is Noelle’s paid program that covers how to earn money through Airbnb. Hence, the name. With rental arbitrage as its strategy, the capital requirement here is kinda tame in comparison to the usual real estate businesses that requires sh*tton of cash to get started. Yup, buying a six-figure property ain’t needed here. Instead, you’ll just rent out someone else’s apartment. You’ll pay for a long-term lease, then rent it out on a short-term basis… Is that even possible? According to Noelle, it is and she’ll show you how.

I’m already skeptical of the said setup to be honest with y’all. I know what it is and let’s just say that I don’t necessarily agree with Noelle claiming that all that she is, her success and everything, will rub off on her students. But before I say why I’m not a believer, let’s hear from her first.

So, how is it possible to run a profitable Airbnb business even with a tight budget and zero on credit, connections, and real estate experience, then? Well, apparently, it all starts with the right mindset. The millionaire mindset as she calls it. Just stay focused and do not give in to the thoughts of doubt and fear. If there’s a will, there’s a way, I guess. All of that will be discussed in BNB Riches’ first module.

For the second module, you’ll get some advice on how to determine which properties are profitable and how to look for it. Here, she also spills what to say, so that property owners will let you use their property for short-term leases. Easier said than done. Literally. Unless she’s teaching lessons on hypnosis stuff.

Meanwhile, the third module titled Prepare and List It includes a checklist to prep your property before listing it. Just like what the module’s name implies. Also, it’ll cover the must-haves for listing your property on Airbnb. Just like in Amazon, you just don’t post it as it is and it’s done. Instead, you’re advised by Noelle to optimize the hell out of it to make it more appealing to the renters

Finally, the last module covers the do’s and don’ts to make business operations smooth-sailing and hassle-free. To add, tips on how to get consistent bookings are also revealed here. The rest talks about how to scale your Airbnb biz such as when you should add more properties and how to manage multiple listings.

That concludes the inclusion of BNB Riches Master course. Kinda shallow, isn’t it? I think so, yuh. Regardless, that’s what you get when you purchase the course. That’s with Noelle’s success script, templates, and Business-In-A-Box blueprint too. How much would it cost you to purchase all of BNB Riches, then? Well, the price of BNB riches is $997 for full payment. For partial payments, it’s $397 every month for four months.

BNB Riches Review

Given the course’s lack of depth and coaching calls, I would say that it’s a bit overpriced. It’s the reason why I emphasized her mistake on getting the price all wrong in the sales page. I wouldn’t even bother buying her course at $997, so listing it as a whopping $1,997 course makes the matter worse. And yeah, not the best look from her since getting the price right is like the bare minimum of having attention to details. Eek.

However, the reason I’m not a believer is more on the business model itself. I don’t think there’s a course including BNB Riches that would change the fact that short-term leases are usually not allowed either by law or by your landlord. Heck, even finding a suitable location where bookings are all year round is damn hard too. Forget what the last module says about consistent bookings, it’ll only happen when hell freezes over.

Besides, I’m not liking Noelle suggesting some kind of exploit in using an LLC to go around getting the landlord’s permission. Not only is it unethical, it’s also a stupid advice. A double whammy even since landlords can easily overturn the lease agreement while also being able to report your scummy ass on Airbnb and have your account banned there. Yikes. Pass!

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