Paul Bocco Reviews

Paul Bocco

Paul Bocco shares his thoughts on christian entrepreneurship. One, he mentions wrapping our heads around time and security. Take note of the so-called kingdom progression which is a faith-infused way of saying that the best is yet to come. Thus, don’t set yourself up for failure and think that a business will garner you a “big harvest” right away aka overnight success. He’s either propping up his very own Kingdom Business Incubator or calling out get rich easy schemes. Scroll below for more info.

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To continue, thought number two is the importance of choosing the right business model. Sure, there’s no such thing as quick and easy biz, but having a good business model can speed up your progress towards the said “big harvest” at the very least. “It’s incredibly important that we choose which business model we work with care, diligence, and prayer,” he says. Obviously, he’s implying that he got this “choosing the right business model” phase sorted out in his own course. Whatever you say, Paul.

Three, he mentions not doing this business stuff alone and instead, he encourages learning from “Godly” mentors and coaches… Um-kay, he switched from maybe calling out the “evil” in the coaching space to straight up d*ckriding his course. I mean, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that his thoughts on entrepreneurship align perfectly with choosing him and his course. It’s all part of the plan.

Four would be pegging having the right mindset at the top of the “entrepreneur must-haves” list. No sh*t, the wall of texts that follows, including a barrage of barely related bible verses, just points towards him having the right mindset. I mean, he even started this one out by asking whether anyone is curious about how an individual with multiple businesses becomes successful. Such is just referring to him as he’s known for flexing having multiple businesses like clockwork.

My takeaway here? I found it ironic that this mothaf*cka right here is acting Godly and righteous. He’s likely not and just using the christian faith as a clickbait to his course. So, why do I think that he’s a modern day equivalent of a false prophet that the bible warned us about? First of all, he has a track record of conning unsuspecting people before. And it’s not some petty crime as the  state of Oregon’s consumer department had to step in to cut his BS and money-sucking scheme right away.

Just like his thoughts, what he has done that got him the banhammer is a deliberate attempt to commit fraud and get away with it. Not an oopsie on his part, whatsoever. If it is, he won’t throw all of this under the rug, and assume a new name and persona.

What I mean is he’s not using the name Paul Bocco before, but Paul Boccolucci (the name plastered on his past issues). He’s hiding his BBB profile  too by misspelling the course name. Most importantly, he had none of the “wealthy Jesus freak” skit before, and just your ordinary online marketer and mortgage broker wannabe in the past. The latter is the biz that got him the cease-and-desist letter from Oregon I mentioned before because he’s doing it without license and in the scummiest way possible – charging a never-ending exorbitant fee to naive clients.

Paul Bocco Reviews

Worse, the said scummy business model is the one he’s preaching at Kingdom Business Incubator. And yeah, not a smidge of character development from Paul as expected. Instead of him doing it, he’s just teaching them now in exchange of brink’s truck money, with Kingdom Business Incubator’s price at $7,273 to $10,000, so he’ll never get caught red handed doing the con scheme again. Instead of making disciples of faith, he’s assembling an army of future contrepreneurs. Is this what you call a righteous christian, nowadays? I think not.

Looking at the bright side, he’s probably just in it for the course’s fee since he’s not being serious with coaching at all. When you’re already on the other side, you’ll rarely see him help and answer questions that he should be answering. He’s letting the “blind lead the blind” by making his clueless students answer questions from equally clueless ones. What’s good here is they won’t likely become con themselves, just a thousand bucks poorer. Sh*t is still bad, though.

Obviously, I won’t recommend working with Paul Bocco. He takes the thief part in “the Lord will come like a thief in the night” way too literally. Don’t get fooled by his persona, a real christian who’s doing the bare minimum of becoming “Christ-like” won’t consistently suck your wallets dry, and in the most scummiest way possible too, like him. For the love of God, please stay away from Paul. Amen? Amen.

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