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Corps Confidence

Phil Bohol of Corps Confidence encourages you to slide into his DMs if you want to earn more money working less hours. Don’t we all want that? I expected his inbox to be blowin’ up until I realized what I missed earlier— the thang being about high ticket sales. Not everyone’s cuppa tea, including yours truly. Regardless, I’m curious about it and I assume y’all feel the same way too. That’s why I’ll check it out. My review starts below.

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“Where Marine Corps high performance meets High Ticket Sales” is how Phil describes Corps Confidence. Confused with why he mentions marine all of a sudden? Believe it or not, he was once part of the US Marine Corps. He served as a machine gunner slash infantry squad leader for almost seven years first before switching to a sales job.

“I went from leading, training, and developing Marines to their peak potential to leading, training, and developing sales professionals to hit their sales and income goals,” he mentions in an interview. And you know what, it’s good to know that he’s not using the marines just for the aesthetic.

Now he’s in the sales and high ticket space, Phil admits that paving a career here is not for the faint of heart. “It challenges you,” says him. It actually reminds him of the Marine Corps, saying that “it’s your job to learn how to constantly get punched in the face and keep getting back up like it’s the first time, everytime.” Yup, more reasons for me to not like high ticket sales. Talking ‘bout punches and sh*t, Imma dodge that like I’m Floyd Mayweather. I do appreciate his honesty, though. Man’s keeping it real. Fax, no printer.

High ticket sales can be overwhelming and scary, but what if it could be less like that? Y’know, less overwhelming, less scary, less frustrating, and all that. Is it possible? As expected, Phil says it’s very possible with Corps Confidence’s 6-Figure Sales Bootcamp. Here, he’s your high performance coach and he’ll teach you to have, er, Corps Confidence.

Turns out, Corps Confidence is not just the name of his company, but also a term he uses for the right mindset to have as a high ticket closer. It means believing you’ll succeed when others have failed. That’s real confidence and the number one key that’ll make or break your career as a top closer. He also adds that just because there are people failing, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to fail as well.  Don’t be discouraged by adversity because as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Anyway, the eight-week Bootcamp promises to help its clients with the following: 2X-3X their close rate and feel more confident in their ability to close deals; feel more driven and inspired everyday (because a sales career can be unfulfilling too); have absolute clarity on their goals and hitting them with ease; and develop an ironclad sales process where converting leads into sales feels like (machine gun rat tat tat, see what I did here?) automatic.

Phil Bohol Review

Dude is saying (and doing) something right until he isn’t. First of all, he managed to include a twenty-minute worth of “sucess” stories (I wonder why he left this typo) on his pre-recorded webinar yet somehow didn’t mention anything about the price of this Corp Confidence’s offer. Priorities, amirite?  I got you, though. I’ll say that Corps Confidence’s Bootcamp will likely cost you around $2k plus more in upsells (e.g. Xelerator mentorship offer). That’s too pricey for a business model I’m not really down to begin with.

To add, he’s flexing the wrong people in his sales certifications. I’m talking about him being proud of his certs from Grant Cardone, Dan Lok, and Dean Graziosi. That’s a whole trifecta of nope. Could be a reach to relate him to them, but what if I tell you that Phil here is actually tight with Dan Henry, the fake ass guru behind that cringe horny Santa ad.

Seriously, he and Dan are business partners that co-founded Closing Deals dot com. And I tell you, it’s not a good thing to be related to this guy or any fake ass guru in particular. In fact,I could see the influence on Phil’s presentation. For instance, him making his story sadder than it actually is. Like, no Phil, your fam is not that poor when y’all manage to migrate from the Philippines to the US. The list of guru-esque sh*t he did goes on and on. That said, I can, ahem, confidently say that I’m not recommending Corps Confidence.

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