Bold CEO Reviews (Brian Cristiano)

Brian Cristiano

Brian Cristiano suggests in an Insta post to always be prepared in walking away from negotiations. “The person who cares the least has the most leverage,” he argues. So, unless someone’s pointing their glock at ya, he says it’s always an option, period. No one else would convince him otherwise. I mean, what else could I say? He’s THE Bold CEO, after all. Review below.

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“Over the past year alone, we have helped hundreds of businesses grow revenue of more than a $152 million dollars collectively,” opens up Brian to introduce Bold CEO’s Accelerator. “This isn’t theory. I’ve done this. It works.”

Cue an enumeration of brands he used to worked with, although he didn’t reveal to what extent. Just something, something seven-figure deals. Also, issa certified Royston G King typa moment.

Brian knows what it’s like to get results quick. “And that’s exactly how I designed this program— to get results,” he adds. So, whatever system he used in growing Bold Worldwide [also Bold CEO] from zero to eight figures in sales, he’ll teach in the Accelerator.

The program is what he wished he had two decades ago. Big if true since he’ll accomplish a hundred times more. Again, bold claims for something he couldn’t prove. All wishful thinking.

But wait, he wouldn’t be the Bold CEO for nothing. He goes, “I could tell you with a hundred percent confidence that there’s nothing like this on the planet.” Yeah, no, this makes me remember “business coaching” courses I’ve reviewed before. Most notably, the 10X Business Bootcamp.

You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. The Accelerator got ya with the strategy, the process, the frameworks, the scripts, and the support. Oh, and also, they’ll provide do-at-your-own-pace modules, live training, weekly one-on-one sesh, a list of potential clients, and an opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

You’ll get allat, so that you can grow in ninety days or less. In particular, here are a few of the tangible results they promise to help you achieve within the short period: Unlock hidden revenue and margins inside your biz; shorten your sales cycle by 50%-90%; get higher-paying clients; establish your brand as an industry leader; and simplify your operations.

That’s another enumeration right there, yet he didn’t mention the price of the program. Not even a ballpark figure anywhere on his site, he’d rather talk in a Zoom call instead. Introvert life matters! But since it has one-on-one coaching, I can only assume that this offer of Bold CEO would cost north of $7k.

Honestly, I don’t like this dude’s vibe at all. Never felt more justified once I saw Bold CEO’s reviews on Glassdoor. Guess what, his former employees got some dirty laundry to air with ‘em that agreed with my sentiment… The sentiment that Brian and his company sucks.

One review specifically questioned the legitimacy of Brian’s revenue claims. Like, how could it even be possible when the company only has two so-so clients? Hell, another review even mentioned that there was a time that there’s not a single client at all! It just doesn’t add up, especially if you also consider their notoriety on not paying employees on time.

Bold CEO Reviews

It makes me sad that most of the reviews had to ask the management to treat their employees with respect. Here’s the truth: Employees are not “unfit” for Bold, the company— most especially, Brian— is just a POS.

Seriously, he has the audacity to flex about getting eight-figure deals when he can’t do the bare minimum on people that’s helping him to manage deals… Or at least trying, ‘cause the said massive deal is just one of many false advertising claims Brian made to sell Bold CEO. Oof!

To round things off, here’s an interesting excerpt about Brian that explains why he and Bold CEO reminds me of 10X: “Brian Cristiano is a wannabe entrepreneur and more focused with promoting herself versus actually running a business.” Worked for Grant, and thankfully, not for Brian.

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