Jason Bond Review (Escaped From Jail?)

Escaped From Jail?

Jason Bond is the guy thought by many to have escaped from jail. If you didn’t know the actual context, you might’ve thought that it’s him being mixed up with Agent double-o-seven James Bond. The latter dude is only from a work of fiction, but I see people mistaking him as a real life spy just like how suckers eat up the dream sold by gurus. Despite that, James Bond is NOT the reason for the rumor circulating around Jason.

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Instead, it’s Jason’s involvement in a FTC lawsuit against Raging Bull. Why did he get dragged into this mess to the point of some crazy jail rumors about him, though? Well, well, well! Turns out, Jason is the co-founder of the said company. Thus, dragging his name here is rightfully deserved. If the company f*cked up bigtime like Raging Bull did, it’s who on the helm that’s usually liable. So, him and Jeff Bishop.

To answer the reason for rumors of him skipping the life behind bars, allow me to explain the deets of the FTC lawsuit. It all started in 2020 as the infamous $137 million dollar lawsuit. That amount was reduced to a somehow “modest” $2.425 million fine after the court ruling, but I can see why the FTC thought otherwise. Jason’s Raging Bull is just problematic AF that accusing them of defrauding consumers out of hundred millions at least won’t get you a side eye.

First is the baseless earning claims that are also too good to be f*cking true. On the highest level of delusion too with claims like $6.5k in 20 minutes and $500 in 15 minutes. What can I say, like, I’m not surprised one bit. It’s the “business as usual” on guru-led programs, c’mon now. The reason lots can get away with it is them being too many for the FTC and SEC to handle. Unfortunate, but, at least, a program like Raging Bull got some well-deserved punishment. Baby steps, I guess.

Similar to the first bit is the duo, Jason and Jeff, creating a make-believe larger-than-life persona to make it seems like they’re two trading geniuses. More likely than not, they’re more of a successful internet marketer cashing in from subscription checks of Raging Bull’s programs rather than a trader profiting off a successful options trade themselves. Same with their instructors who are good actors of a script rather than great teachers and experienced traders.

Next is their distasteful use of the pandemic in a narrative of them finding a “goldmine” opportunity related to it. Like, for real, if I were an unfortunate victim of the ‘rona and overheard the Raging Bull peeps bullsh*tting over getting $500k from a stock related to the killah virus, I’ll haunt these mofos for thousands of years, maybe even forever. People are dying from it and you’re like f*ck it, we’ll still monetize the hell out of it while straight up lying in the process.

Jason Bond Review

All of this BS to target retirees and immigrants’ money. They’re  also making sure that they got the money locked in to themselves by trapping the money’s rightful owner with hard-to-cancel subscription plans. Instead of cancelling the sub with a simple click of a button, they made it via a phone call. Sure enough, it’s designed to have a lot of issues— lengthy hold times, long waits, and disconnections to name a few— to deliberately halt the cancellation process to a point recurring charges automatically kicks in.

With all the sh*t I mentioned, it should be no surprise why I call Jason and his company problematic. To be honest, that’s enough reason for me to say that the dude deserves serving some time in prison. But, apparently, he and his co-founder buddy got off easy with, as I mentioned earlier, $2.425 million settlement. Just like that, they can go back with dropping millions on ad spend again and have their annoying BS-riddled terrorize people who’s probably only on YouTube to watch some cute doggos.

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend Jason Bond and any of his offers in Raging Bull. Not even the programs on the slate of his very own Jason Bond Picks that can cost up to $1,200. Like seriously, I won’t be surprised if FTC tail his ass again for the latter. With all the complaints of lack of customer support and lack of refunds for a program that suddenly stopped working as intended, this might be history repeating itself.

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