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Booming Bookkeeping Business Review

Booming Bookkeeping Business

Bill Von Fumetti, CPA and founder of Booming Bookkeeping Business (BBB) course, asserts that virtual bookkeeping is the perfect work from anywhere business. And no, you don’t have to be an accountant like him to learn how to do it. All you need to do is take his course and you’ll likely end up with a bookkeeping gig in no time. “Many students sign their first clients before they even finish the program,” Bill added. My thoughts on this? Scroll below for my full unbiased review.

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According to Bill, there are two pillars of a successful bookkeeping biz. “The first is that you have to be a great bookkeeper,” Bill mentions. In his course, you’ll learn how to be exactly like that, an expert in bookkeeping, through the first four modules of the course materials. The said modules that are titled according to their main topic are as follows: Setting Up Your Business, Bookkeeping Fundamentals, Quickbooks Mastery, and Monthly Bookkeeping Service delivery.

“The second is you’ve got to be good at getting clients,” Bill continues. Obviously, Bill’s course also has dedicated modules, three of them to be exact, to learn how to market yourself as a bookkeeper properly. Not only you’ll snag clients easily, you’ll also be able to choose who you want to work with instead of settling down for less. The following modules for the second pillar are titled as follows: Marketing Strategies, Pricing Your Services, and Closing the Deal

“Without both of those, you really don’t have a business. Sure, there are other things like setting up systems and processes, but those are the two biggest ones. And that’s essentially what my course covers,” Bill concluded.

Aside from the course materials, you’ll also get access to weekly live coaching calls and a private Facebook community to help you jumpstart your six-figure bookkeeping gig that Bill promises. Bonus materials such as checklists, pricing calculator, and profile critique video will also be provided.

The obvious catch? You have to pay Bill $1,997 one time or $197 monthly for 12 months. It already seems pricey on the get-go, right? It’ll get more obvious, the course being crazy expensive, once I reveal the usual cost of becoming a bookkeeper.

To start, you can definitely learn about the bookkeeping basics and Intuit Quickbooks for free. I mean, one of the free tutorials are from the makers of Quickbooks itself so you don’t have to worry about its quality.

If you still find the quality of the free courses lacking, you can opt for paid programs that are usually under a hundred bucks in price. At most, the recommended programs will only cost you half a grand. Why pay two grands for this, then?

Booming Bookkeeping Business Review

You might wonder if the marketing lessons are enough to justify BBB’s bloated price. Personally, I don’t think so. The best way to market your bookkeeping prowess is not something you get from an online training but from a legit certification board such as The American Institute of Bookkeepers (AIPB). Simply put, strive to become a Certified Bookkeeper (CB) similar to accountants pushing hard to get their CPA title.

Besides, why pay a premium for a biz that is, in no way, “the #1 most profitable small business on the planet” as Bill claims. The said quote Bill lifted from Forbes magazine is misleading at best. This is probably only remotely true in an era where computers don’t exist. 

But they do now, and it’s well known that the bookkeeping industry is adversely affected by its presence. And it’s not due to the mere existence of computers, don’t get me wrong. It’s about the already available software that can automate the jobs previously done by human bookkeepers. In fact, the job market for such is expected to shrink by 1.5% between 2016 and 2026. And oh, the six-figure annual income promise by Bill is just a f*cking pipedream as the top 20% of bookkeepers only earns $63.9k on average.

This dumbing down of bookkeeping makes it harder for non-CPAs to have an edge too. Bill himself, of all people, says in a YouTube video that it’s better for businesses to choose people like him, a CPA that can do bookkeeping too via Quickbook plus more, over the usual bookkeepers. If your mentor in BBB explicitly suggests to steer away from the likes of you or what you’ll become after taking his course, then I see no reason for you, or anyone in particular, to purchase his course. Whaddya think?

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